Game won't work on tft monitor

  SGT [email protected] 15:42 04 Dec 2004

i got polar express for my kids but when i install in on my pc and run the game my tft monitor trys to adjust itself but then says out of range , but if i use a crt monitor it plays fine.

any ideas

  bremner 15:44 04 Dec 2004

What resolution do you have each set to and what are the requirements of the game.

You probably just need to adjust the tft resolution.

  fitcher 16:08 04 Dec 2004

as you know tft monitors run at a resolution that is compatable with them // not like a crt ..and will not change to the lower resolutions /needed on some older games ,,

  Rayuk 16:17 04 Dec 2004

This is only about 12months old is it not,what tft do you have.
Check your display settings and see how low the monitor can go down to I have an Iiyama E431S 17" which can go down to 800x600

  SGT [email protected] 16:49 04 Dec 2004

bremner: the resolution is set to 1024x768 in the config and in windows

monitor and Rayuk:

the game is not an old one , it came out a week or 2 ago i think , the film is just coming out at the cinema.

i have a 17" proview tft monitor and it can go down to 800x600 , i can play games that are as old as the hills or games such as half life 2 which are brand new.

the game works no problem at any resolution on the 15" 300 year old crt but not at all at any resolution on my tft

  SGT [email protected] 17:56 04 Dec 2004

yeah it is bela , try a few refresh rates on the tft but i get the same result

  SGT [email protected] 21:33 04 Dec 2004

Bela , you're a genius , worked straight away after doing that.

kids are happy now cheers

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