Game seems to slow down + Temperature rises

  STEVE71163 18:43 23 Jan 2003
  STEVE71163 18:43 23 Jan 2003

I built my pc last week and everything seems to have been going fine until i viewed a web site this afternoon which had a lot of graphics to download onto adobe acrobat. The temperature rose from 48c to 55c although everything seemed fine. Then my daughter went to play pinball on xp and it seemed to be running slow (The flippers) also the temperature seemed to rise again. Is this what happens if it gets to hot? Is this getting to hot?

  SDJ 18:53 23 Jan 2003

Whats your full spec?
Your temps will rise when the machine is under load but need to know specs in order to ascertain the correct working temp.

  STEVE71163 19:00 23 Jan 2003

Thanks for replying SDJ My pc spec is- Athlon 2000xp,15"CTX tft,80gb hd,Exair Geforce 4 mx440 graphics,512ddr,Akasa AK785cu cpu heatsink and fan.

  STEVE71163 19:07 23 Jan 2003

Its also strange that i just put the pinball game on again just to see what happens and it seemed to go on a go slow again (the flippers) and the temperature rose from 49c to 52c over about a minute.

  Ranger 19:16 23 Jan 2003

I know this dosen't help you any, but my Atlon XP2000 runs anywhere between 47c - 63c

  STEVE71163 19:21 23 Jan 2003

Thanks Ranger. So it might not be temperature related? I did download some windows updates this afternoon. Could that of done something?

  STEVE71163 19:23 23 Jan 2003

SDJ. I forgot to say it has a 300w PSU.

  SDJ 20:42 23 Jan 2003

Sorry ive been out. Your temps will rise and fall when you are using it so dont be too alarmed by this.
I would say that the windows updates may well be the culprit, which ones did you download? not SP1 by any chance?
Temps have been raised in threads many many times and more often than not its the user who is too keen to look at those monitor utilities, at the end of the day if your machine runs inside the Processors guidline then you should be fine, of course the lower the better but its not worth worrying about if it rises by a few degrees now and again, you should just get on and enjoy your computer. It (your temps) seems ok but you may do good to have a few fans inside the case keeping the air circulating also if you are a keen gamer try these out and then get a reading, from what you are doign at present the machine isnt under any particular load.
Let me know about the updates.

  -=}{aZaRd=- 21:19 23 Jan 2003

WOW uve got one hell of a machine 80GIG???? hmm mines 18gig (lol) 250mg,ram, 1.10 mhz!!!

  STEVE71163 07:04 24 Jan 2003

Thanks for getting back to me SDJ. No i dont play games on the machine at all it is just my daughter likes playing the pinball. The hotfixes i have downloaded are-Q324929-Q322011-Q323255-Q327979-Q328310-Q329048-Q329115-Q329170-Q329390-Q329834-Q810243-Q810565-Q810833. I dont think the go slow with the game is temperature related as it seems a fairly stable 48-52c.

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