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  1887 10:08 21 Aug 2006

I wonder if you can help me.
I purchased a game called black mirror and it installs correctly when I loaded both discs in. But when I try and open the game to play it, it comes up with agds.exe had encounted a problem. Then says either send error report or close without sending report. Ive sent the report numerous times but it all comes back with no problems found. Can anyone help me as this is rather frustrating. Ive tried it on my pc and also my partners but still no joy. It says its compatiable with XP which I have installed on both pcs.

Thank you

  SANTOS7 10:12 21 Aug 2006

click here
seems your not on your own,follow thread it may help,good luck..

  1887 10:23 21 Aug 2006

Thank you for that ill let my partner have alook at the info when he returns home frm work.

Im also having problems with Cluedo Chronicles Fatal Illusion

I wish I knew about pc`s and games so I didnt have to bother you lot but im stuck in a rut brought these games saturday and I cant play them sob sob

  SANTOS7 10:32 21 Aug 2006

The important things to look for are PC Compatability, does your Pc meet the minimum requirements, is your graphics card up to the job,
most new games are very demanding and real resource huggers.
While playing games i usually turn off all essential services, screen savers auto updates and the likes to avoid conflict..

  Totally-braindead 11:04 21 Aug 2006

I bought Black Mirror as well a few weeks ago and have been unable to get it to run either. I'm going through the Technical Support just now but judging by what others have been saying I think it may be a waste of time.

  Totally-braindead 11:07 21 Aug 2006

For Cluedo try here and see if theres a known issue click here

  theDarkness 11:26 21 Aug 2006

Yeah it seems the game has issues with Nvidia based graphics cards, and that newer drivers may not work. I dont think theres a patch to solve this (although I could be wrong) so your best bet at the moment is probably to uninstall your current graphics driver and try 61.77 like SANTOS7's other forum above says! :(

It seems the minimum spec on the box is pretty low, although its a recent game from 2004:
# Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
# Pentium III 400 MHz or better
# 64 MB RAM

Post your pc specs here- if youre not using an NVidia graphics card, are up to the minimum spec (wchich im sure you are!) and the game you're running is definately NOT a copy and/or cracked game (so you could use it without the disc for example) then it could well be the games own fault. If not, you may have to wait for yet another XP update and cross your fingers :(

  1887 15:50 21 Aug 2006

Ok I have

Windows XP Home

Intel pentium 4 3.00 gigahertz

Graphic card : NVIDIA GeForce 6600

1 gigabyte of memory

and 163.91 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity

  1887 08:16 22 Aug 2006

I guess you need more info hence why theres no more postings to this thread. I tried everything last nght to get this dam game to work even changed my settings because I can still play older games on my pc if I change what system id like to run it on. I got cluedo working but still having problems with the dreaded black mirror

  theDarkness 13:06 28 Aug 2006

your pc specs are high so if you really want to just try it out and dont have access to a friends pc, you could always take your graphics card out to try running it with your motherboards graphics drivers instead. since the games own min specs are very low it should run reasonably well :)

a bit of a hassle, but keep checking the games own official website- or even better email them, if they get enough people talking about why it doesnt work with newer nvidia drivers like yours they might make a patch to solve the problem

  Totally-braindead 16:46 30 Aug 2006

This is me just checking back on my postings. I spent quite a few days trying to get Dark Mirror to work and gave up.
This is only the second game I have ever failed to get to run in quite a few years but its still dissapointing. If you do a google search you can see theres quite a few others that haven't got it to run either.

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