Game Problems.

  Err0r 21:59 08 Aug 2006


I haven't been really having "problems," with my PC but it's not really running the way it should be. I'm an online gamer and those of you who know what it's like, you need a good fps to really get the feal of the game. Well my dad fried my older, better computer with a vacum, don't ask. Well he got me an alright one with an AMD 64 2200+ or something around there, has a clockspeed of 1.8 ghz, and a motherboard that is made for AMD processors. I'm not really sure what the name is, I forgot(N-Board or something). My video card is a NVIDIA 6600. I also have 1 gig of RAM. Now, my Source games (Half-Life 2) and my Battlefield 2 don't run very well. My younger brother, has the exact same thing but I have more RAM than he does. Here's my problem, all of the games that he plays run really good for some odd reason. When I run the same game with the same exact settings mine runs like crap.I really, really don't udnerstand this. So if anyone can try and help me with this I'd be much ablidged.

  sean-278262 22:06 08 Aug 2006

Reduce the quality settings you are probably asking way too much from that 6600. If your brother uses a more powerful card then that is the reason you get bad results.

  FelixTCat 22:07 08 Aug 2006


What's your brother's video card?


  Err0r 03:48 09 Aug 2006

The card that I am using is the Nivida 6600, my brother also has the NVIDIA 6600

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