Game not able to load

  g0slp 09:41 15 May 2004

Have recently changed main family computer, & now running XP Home. (Previous machine ran W98SE). Whilst trying to install my son's 'Sim City 2000' game, I couldn't get it to load, even manually.

Eventually I succombed to 'pester power' & tried to load it into my business use laptop, also running XP Home. It loaded immediately, & ran without fault.

I checked the settings in the CD drive properties on both machines, & couldn't see any differences, so am at a loss as to next step to try. (I've fully deleted all traces of the game from my laptop, so there's no licensing problems there.

Interestingly, the laptop has only 128Mb RAM and 20Gig space on the HDD, whereas the other machine has 256Mb and almost 40Gig space on its HDD; they both have 2.6Gig processors.

Any suggestions gratefully received - my ears are suffering!

Thanks in advance,
Mark (g0slp)

  Legolas 11:41 15 May 2004

Is it only this one game you are having problems with? The reason I ask is I had the same problem with some games and discovered it was a RAM memory problem.

  whatsupdoc 11:44 15 May 2004

most places inc pc world do this game for 4.99 and its so much better than sim2000.
sorry i cant help with your problem.

  g0slp 13:19 15 May 2004

Legolas - it's the only one that's caused grief so far that 'should' run. He's got Lego Mindstorms & Vision Express which won't run on XP, but we knew about that (it's to do with XP being based on NT, seemingly). Good fun listening to the bargaining between him & his older brother (still using W98SE on his machine) to allow use on said machine, but I digress.....

Your point re RAM may be significant, even though the desktop is a better spec machine. I'll investigate further there

whatsupdoc - thanks for info re new game. I don't mind a fiver TOO much, but it seems a pity that existing stuff won't run. Will look out for it next time near a PC World (nearest about 18 miles away)


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