Game crashes/PC force restarts after case upgrade+

  LuPo_Dankmeister 01:24 29 May 2018

i just moved my PC into a new case (NZXT h440) as well as upgrading my CPU cooler from an Intel stock cooler to a MasterAir G100M. all runs fine and games run normal (no significant difference from previously) but after a couple minutes of the game running the game will crash and this happens every time without fail on different games (this will happen anywhere from just starting the game to 2 minutes in roughly) i assumed this would be an overheating problem but both my CPU and GPU run at normal temperatures during games and stress tests.

occasionally, not only will the game crash, but the PC will do a forced restart during the game as if something went wrong (this is sudden and the PC performs normally until the moment it crashes or force restarts) one time a blue screen appeared stating that something went wrong and it was searching for errors but after about 35% it restarted and didn't follow up on its results etc.

I think that's all the main details, i would appreciate any help. My specs are: Motherboard - ASUS Z170X pro gaming CPU - Intel i7-6700 Quad-Core @ 3.40GHz RAM - 24GB DDR4 GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

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