Game Crashes

  [DELETED] 20:51 03 Oct 2003

Hi all,

Can I ask what causes a game to crash? I am aware of the fact that a number of reasons may be responsible but when other games run absolutely fine and this one crashes it seems weird.

Can anyone educate me as to what happens when a game crashes?

  [DELETED] 22:47 03 Oct 2003

May get you thinking.

More often than not, today's software is bloated. Not to keep bagging on Microsoft, but
with each new version of Windows,and Games software, millions of lines of code get added. The more lines of code, the more likely chance of bugs.

You can either say that software companies add more features to software in order to sell new versions of it, or that we users keep demanding more. Either way, many of us try to run that bloated software on the ultra-cheap PCs available today. Well, those PCs are cheap because the hardware inside them isn't top-quality, further increasing the chance of crashes.

Furthermore, PC manufacturers didn't have reliability in mind when they started this wild and crazy ride that's been dubbed the PC revolution. The goal has always been to produce PCs that the average person can afford, not to create super machines that are as stable as mainframe computers. It's a trade-off. Do you want a PC that crashes now and again or one that costs many thousands of pounds?

Another reason why PCs crash is DLLssssssssssss incompatibility. This problem is so prevalent that the term "DLL Hell" has become commonplace. DLLs (dynamic link libraries) are small programs that larger programs rely on in order to accomplish tasks. Often, a DLL is shared among many applications. Microsoft Word, and Excel, for example, would use the same DLL to send documents to the printer. When you install new software, it can potentially overwrite a necessary DLL with an older version bearing the same name. When an application that's been working fine for years looks for the DLL that was overwritten and can't find it, that application is likely to crash.

See what your up against? Given all this, the trick isn't to crash-proof our PCs, but rather to make them crash less.

The best way to make a Windows PC crash infrequently is to keep it lean. When you have some free time, perform a clean install of Windows. Then, only install the applications that you really use. Eliminating the unnecessary stuff, such as the GAMES you no longer play or the freeware that wasn't as cool as you thought it'd be, will cut down on software conflicts and system bloat. As an added benefit, your PC will run faster if the hard drive isn't full.

Once you find a stable configuration a selection of software and hardware that won't constantly crash your system, resist the temptation to mess around with anything. Every time you add new software to your computer, the likelihood of conflict-related crashes increases. When you do add new software, back up your system first so you can revert back to the old, stable configuration if trouble brews.

Above all, stay away from beta software. It's fun to be one of the first people to play around with a new product, but unfinished, buggy applications can cause your system to crash more.

When using your computer, run as few programs as possible. My computer crashes when I start feeling drunk with power and run a silly number of cool applications simultaneously. On all but the most powerful computers, even if you just have Word, Netscape, and your email client open at one time, you're at risk for a crash.
If you like or need to have several applications open at once, add more RAM. One of the reasons computers crash when you have a bunch of applications open at once is that they run out of memory.GAMES GAMES GAMES :)

  [DELETED] 23:02 03 Oct 2003

Sound and graphics are the best bet to update, although may not fix the problem.

When playing games close all applications you can before starting.

If you continue to crash you may be running out of RAM as suggested above, how much RAM do you have, and what are you playing?

Also try software updates from WinUpdate (find it at the top of the start menu) and game updates. As said above, games and programs are released with bugs still, the game updates will fix *some* bugs and update some thinks in the game.

Finally try reducing the detail and see if that makes a difference, try running in a lower resolution, with lower detal and you'll get a speed boost and possibly more stability. You can set these details through the game options and also through the display properties window (Right click Desktop, select properties, then find the bit that relates to your graphics and go into advanced).

Good luck, Ironman.

(PS some extra details ie. system spec, games might help to find a specific problem if there is one.)

  [DELETED] 11:02 04 Oct 2003

I have contacted the game vendor and have been told the best thing to do is to run MSCONFIG and click on Selctive start, go to the Start Up tab and deselect all the checked boxes and restart the PC. I have then to try the game and see if it works fine then.

The problem is that I can play the game on all the early levels without a hitch until I get to a certain point in a level then it crashes everytime. seems weird and more related to the games software than any pc issue.

  [DELETED] 11:43 04 Oct 2003

i believe you are right in your assessment "more related to that particular game software" sorry i cannot offer more.

The vendors reply may help but it seems a drastic and inconvenient measure to take to play a game.

My last post (from an article) was only to outline what most of us are up against in general.

Have you tried a uninstall/reinstall of software?

  ordep 12:53 04 Oct 2003

Try ruining through this list, click here of possible causes of games crashing.

  [DELETED] 15:16 04 Oct 2003

I have just used XP's Computer management function by right clicking My Computer and clicking on manage. I proceeded into Event Viewer and was startled by the number of errors that had been logged under "applications". The problem is that no source is listed and when I click on an error entry's properties It can't tell me anything more about the entry, only that "the local computer may not have the message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer"

I have no idea what this means and wondered if anyone knew any more about this and if these are in any way connected to my original problem?

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  [DELETED] 18:52 06 Oct 2003

There are a number of reasons a game crashes:

You didn't defrag your computer before installing.

It requieres a patch to run properly.

Its not designed to run on XP.

You need a 3d grahic card.

You need more RAM.

It really depends on the game, what is it?

  [DELETED] 22:53 07 Oct 2003

What game? (Moh Breakthrough)
There are a number of reasons a game crashes:

You didn't defrag your computer before installing. (HDD is always defragged)

It requieres a patch to run properly. (new game)

Its not designed to run on XP. (should be)

You need a 3d grahic card. (GeForce 440MX 64mb)

You need more RAM. (512mb plus 1000mb virtual)

It really depends on the game, what is it? (see above, lol)

  [DELETED] 23:35 07 Oct 2003

Some problems don't become apparent until the game is released, then the real testing starts. It may be that a numeber of people are struggling and a patch has been released to fix the problem.

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