Game controllers not working

  ponytail 16:44 30 Dec 2012

Have just installed Ship Simulator 2008 but none of the threecontrollers I have seem to work with it.The controllers are Saitek P2500-Rumble pAD XBOX 360 wired controller Game Prince JH-907 How can I check if they are installed correctly I am running Windows 7

  Ian in Northampton 18:15 30 Dec 2012

Do they show up in Device Manager with a yellow exclamation mark against them? You've installed the drivers for them, right?

  Woolwell 18:24 30 Dec 2012

Have you configured the game to use the joysticks?

  ponytail 19:17 30 Dec 2012

Just looked in devise manager but heading would they come under.I looked in devices and printers and clicked on two devices clicked on properties and it says devices are working properly and the drivers are up to date

  ponytail 19:18 30 Dec 2012

How do I configure the game to use the joysticks

  Woolwell 19:25 30 Dec 2012

Page 16 of the manual. Apparently the game forum also has instructions but you have to register to view the technical parts. I haven't got the dame but I suggest that you go into options and configure controls. You have to select what you want to do and then click or move the appropriate part of the joystick. It is usual to have to configure the controls.

  Woolwell 19:26 30 Dec 2012

Unfortunate typo - game not dame!

  ponytail 12:27 01 Jan 2013

Hi woolwell so been so long in coming have now got the dreaded flu + pulled a muscle in my back.Thegame did not come with a manual and have looked onn line but not sure what all the controls aresuppoesed to do but will take another look

  Woolwell 12:29 01 Jan 2013

The manual is usually on the game cd.

  rdave13 12:57 01 Jan 2013

You might need to calibrate the controller. Pressing the CTRL + SHIFT keys when clicking on properties brings up the settings tab, from here.

  Woolwell 13:01 01 Jan 2013

rdave13 - I found the game manual online and it indicates that the game is set up to use with keyboard and mouse and you have to change the input commands for the use with a joystick. It would seem that ponytail hasn't done this.

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