Game brings PC to its knees

  Ian in Northampton 16:29 06 Mar 2014

Here’s a strange one on which I’d be grateful for your thoughts.

My son (a gamer) recently patched Planetside to the latest revision. Now, it will only load to 98% and then hangs.

When he exits the (not fully loaded) game, the rest of the machine performs very badly – very slow, stuttering sound etc.

He has told me a) he got a warning message (Windows 7 Ultimate) that he needed to back up his disk, b) he has heard occasional ‘graunching’ noises from the disk, c) he thought he saw somewhere something called chkdskwiz.exe running.

I can’t get the PC off him for long enough to run chkdsk, but my theory is that his drive is nearing full capacity (he has 150MB left on a 1GB drive) and that this latest patch has written to – or tried to write to – a corrupt area of the disk that it had previously avoided (or that has just become corrupt). That’s why the patched version of Planetside won’t fully load, and, in trying to load, it’s causing issues that are bringing the rest of the PC to its knees.

At first glance, as everything else is working OK, you’d suspect some problem with the Planetside patch. However, he has been on the forums where he would expect to find others complaining of a similar issue if it was indeed the patch – but no-one is.

Can anyone provide any insight into what might be going on, or things to look at?

  Nontek 16:43 06 Mar 2014

Undoubtedly his problem is an over-loaded drive! 150Mb left of 1Tb is surely exceptional.

Time to get a bigger drive or ditch what is probably a load of rubbish on this drive.

  Nontek 16:44 06 Mar 2014

Oops sorry - not 1Tb but 1Gb - however, the same applies!

  iscanut 16:58 06 Mar 2014

150Mb is as good as full up. There must be quite a bit that could be removed but I appreciate that you will need to get access to the PC for quite a while to try and tidy the disk up.You will need to run Ccleaner on it for instance as well as find out what he has installed that he no longer uses. As you suggest, chkdsk ( or whatever any newer version is called ) will also need to be run on the whole drive.

  Ian in Northampton 17:05 06 Mar 2014

I got it wrong too, Nontek - that should read 150GB not 150MB...

  rdave13 17:08 06 Mar 2014

I'm sure the drive is bigger than a gig. Open 'computer' as see if the space indicator line is red. If it is then you will need to transfer data to another drive to create space on the C drive.

  Ian in Northampton 17:10 06 Mar 2014

OK, sorry, let me restate: the drive is a 1TB drive, the amount of free space remaining is 150GB. Apologies for the confusion.

  iscanut 17:18 06 Mar 2014

150Gb is still quite low but nowhere near full up. I still think the drive needs a good seeing to !

  rdave13 17:20 06 Mar 2014

Then it's not that the drive is full. Looks like you need to run the disk checker pronto to see if the drive is failing. If so then I'd not use it until you get a new drive to clone to.

  Ian in Northampton 18:10 06 Mar 2014

OK - I've wrenched the mouse and keyboard from his hands and started chkdsk. I doubt this will be quick...

  Ian in Northampton 08:49 07 Mar 2014

Just an update. Chkdsk completed. Unfortunately, it did so in the middle of the night so no-one saw what/how many errors it detected and fixed (if any) but the outcome is that Planetside now loads, and so is happy. Thanks to those of you who got involved.

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