muffin1947 16:55 16 Dec 2007

I am trying to play a game called Test Drive unlimited but when I get to the part where I have to rent a car my I click on rent but nothing happens but there is a small message which says tdu servers unavailable.Does anyone know what that means.

  citadel 17:04 16 Dec 2007

download and install patch for the game, this may help.

  mrwoowoo 17:13 16 Dec 2007

Are you trying to play online,as it seems you are trying to connect online for the info.
Make sure you are playing in single player mode and as citadel says install the latest patch.
click here
Also turn all settings down to minimum and try that as this game can be a bit buggy.

  muffin1947 17:48 16 Dec 2007

have just downloaded and installed the patch but still get the message tdu servers unavailable.

  muffin1947 17:50 16 Dec 2007

I am not trying to play on line.I just insert the disc and go through the different stages untill I get to where I have to rent the car and then nothing just the message about TDU Servers

  SANTOS7 17:56 16 Dec 2007

Maybe the game is meant to be played online which is why you are getting the error message...

  mrwoowoo 18:05 16 Dec 2007

No it's not meant to be played online,i think it's just buggy.Had a problem with where as soon as i went to race it just froze.Gave up on it in the end.
Have you tried setting all the game settings to low?

  SANTOS7 18:12 16 Dec 2007

click here

Game info reads ONLINE...

  mrwoowoo 18:15 16 Dec 2007

If you have a control pad or steering wheel disconnect them and try the keyboard incase of hardware conflicts.
The test drive unlimited forums are alive with people who have the game crash and freeze on them even after patching.
As i said,a very buggy game.It,s just pot luck whether it will run on certain rigs.
Some high end rigs won't even run it.

  mrwoowoo 18:23 16 Dec 2007

The game has a high online content,but has single player mode as well.
"Single-player game
The game begins by purchasing a car and a house. The player is then free to explore the island; as this happens key locations on the map are revealed. These include:

Car/Bike dealerships
Car rental agencies
Tuning Shops
Real Estate Agents
Clothes shops
Challenges can also be found, which include:

Race vs CPU cars
Time challenges
Speed challenges
Top Model
Courier (Package Transport)
Vehicle Transportation "
Taken from atari site.
Have played the game in single player myself,but i would double check at the start to make sure you are infact in single player mode as it can be a bit confusing.

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