gallery in Net Objects fusion 7

  mco 23:52 07 Jan 2006

I've just started to get my head round making a gallery in NOF7; I can see how to make a text link to a particular topic of photos - but I was wondering how do I set up a single thumbnail (with caption) that you can click on to get to a set of photos, rather than the text link on its own? Sorry if the answer is obvious; I only started practising at 11 pm and as it's nearing midnight I'm a bit tired now! I'm going to end up with lots of different groups of pictures and a page full of text links would be quite boring; a page with thumbnails directing you to each group would look nicer.

  mco 19:45 08 Jan 2006

Funny how you get your brain locked in one direction and you can't think around it another way ..I'd been searching in the photo album tool for a way to do it when in fact all I had to do was link to a thumbnail (as I do all the time on another site, not built by NOF). Thanks for turning my mind round!

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