Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200 Install Problem

  mulligan 20:18 05 Jun 2003

Please can someone help with a Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200 Ultra/650-8X XP graphics card installation problem.
My system is Athlon 1400 (10.5x133), A7V133 Motherboard revision 1.04. Bios 1005A, 512 MB PC133, Win ME, DirectX V9.0 (have tried 7 and 8.1), 40Gb HD connected ATA 100 (80Gb HD currently disconnected for back up/disc to disc Ghost) and 300W PSU.
I have tried updating from my old GeForce 2MX 32Mb card following the "Quick Start" manual but although everything initially appears fine games will not run (even after reinstalling). dxdiag.exe hangs following a text box titled SMBIOS Dos Driver, "There may not be enough memory to run this application... Trying to reinstall Via 4-in-1 Drivers hangs. A clean ME windows install with DirectX 7 initially works but with poor benchmarks and limited function, eg NFS 4, no 3D Hardware acceleration. Installing Via 4-in-1 drivers appears to run smoothly but then repeating dxdiag (even after reinstalling DirectX) gives the same error. Bios settings for card are X4 AGP (this card should work at X4 or X8) and aperture 128Mb.
Any ideas (apart from puting the old card back)?

  mulligan 00:00 06 Jun 2003

Thanks for the advice. I've downloaded det 43.03, det destroyer and 4 in 1 v 4.43 (over a dial up modem connection) and I will give it another go tomorrow. It is an AGP card and the bios recognises it as Geforce4 NV28 128Mb.

  mulligan 17:16 07 Jun 2003

Finally got rid of this error message and crashes by running 4 in 1 Driver 4.43 as suggested by AndySD and instead of installing driver selecting Uninstall. Windows then restarts and finds "Via tech CPU to AGP Controller" and then all DirectX 9 tests pass.
I initially tried Detonator 43.03 but no difference compared with 41.04 on installation disc. Clean installs with either Win 98SE or Win ME, DirectX 8.1 and 43.3 both caused problems, in Win98 dxdiag resulted in a black screen with a band of green vertical stripes across the top.
I think I'll wait before attempting to get dual monitors or VIVO (analogue video capture) bits working. Thanks again for all the help.

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