chippy+ 15:10 28 Jan 2011

hi one of my older pcs ga_7n400PRO socket A it has a small fan for the internal video which is making a noise can i get a replacement or can i diable it an use a agp pci card the motherboard has 3g ddr ram 2.000 athlon and runs very fast the noise of the fan spoils the pc thanks Chippy

  GaT7 15:45 28 Jan 2011

I have this motherboard, but it's defective & have been meaning to get rid of it for the last 5-6 years (!) but never got around to it.

So I'll see if the fan still works, & if yes you can have it for free. This particular motherboard doesn't have internal graphics/video by the way. The fan (if present) is there to cool your Northbridge chip.

Unless you have the model number wrong?

Gigabyte GA-7N400 PRO specs click here. By the way, Rev 2.x version of this board did away with the fan & replaced it with a passive heatsink - you can see this in the link. G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 28 Jan 2011

Is this on board video?

"can i diable it an use a agp pci card" Yes no problem

tried cleaning and lubricating the fan?
dirty blades will cause an unbalance and therefore noise.
if there is a label on the middle of the fan sometimes you can peel back to reveal a small pin hole where you can apply a drop of very light oil to lubricate the bearings.

  chippy+ 16:37 28 Jan 2011

hi thanks for the replies i looked at the drawing
and understand about the chip my motherboard dose have the small fan marked 8VG on the board which lies like a diamond shape on the board had a look at the link Crossbow7 the passive cooling was the best way to go i would like to take your offer if possible thank you both for your trouble

  GaT7 17:20 28 Jan 2011

Chippy, I'll pm you when I've found it.

I know exactly where it is, but just a question of moving other bits out of the way to get to it!

If I pull it out tonight & can test it too, it'll be in the post tomorrow. G

  chippy+ 18:41 28 Jan 2011

hi thanks for your help

  GaT7 18:58 28 Jan 2011

No problem Chippy, found & pm'ed.

It doesn't sound louder than normal, but it's without a doubt the loudest sound that emanates from the motherboard! G

  chippy+ 20:44 01 Feb 2011

Received the fan when i came back from my daughters this afternoon (still doing joinery and painting i think i will need to climb out the window to escape) fitted the fan and it is very quite thanks again Chippy

  GaT7 14:22 02 Feb 2011

Thanks for letting me know & I'm glad it works well :-), G

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