from g modem router to n modem router

  pookie 13:42 05 Apr 2010


windows xp sp3 1gb ram. My desktop is about 6 years old but all bios etc up to date with latest drivers (although last update was about 4 years ago.

I connect to internet through talktalk up to 8Mb. I have a d link g wireless modem router and use ethernet cable to computer. The d link modem router is about 4 years old and all driver up to date but again last update was several years ago. Graphics card drivers are current.

Thinking of getting Belkin n modem router mainly as was at friends the other night. he has n laptop and online videos were very clear and smooth. I came home and looked at same videos and mine were slow and patchy. The belkin doesn't come with wireless adaptor but i'd connect using my ethernet cable.

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The n + version is £20 more.

Internet use is using videos and for wifi about the house.


is n+ worth the £20 more than n?

will the ethernet cable I have to pc be as fast as an actual n wireless adaptor would be as i don't want to spend £30 on n wireless adaptor?

is my old motherboard a limiting factor in anyway?

Many thanks


  Strawballs 16:32 05 Apr 2010

If you are only connecting by wire you would not see any difference the G and N only refer to the wireless speed and range my only thought is do you have a lower connection speed than your friend

  mgmcc 17:48 05 Apr 2010

An 802.11n+ Router with a compatible "n+" Wireless Network Adapter will transfer data at up to 300Mbps compared to wired ethernet at 100Mbps (unless using Gigabit 1000Mbps adapter and router).

However, I suspect the limiting factor in viewing video satisfactorily is the PC rather than the data transfer speed between PC and router.

I have a Laptop with 2GHz Intel Pentium processor, 1GB of RAM and running XP SP3. It *CAN'T* play BBC iPlayer. This is not because of my internet connection (which is 10Mbps Cable) or the data transfer speed (which is 802.11n at 270Mbps), but due either to insufficient RAM or an inadequate graphics card.

Also be aware that, in practice, your 802.11g wireless network will transfer data at about 30Mbps, which is still considerably faster than your 8Mbps internet connection. Upgrading the network connectivity side of things isn't going to give a dramatic improvement.

  Pineman100 19:05 05 Apr 2010

You've posted this question in the Helproom, too. Please don't duplicate your posts. It's not allowed and you'll just confuse people.

Please pick one of your threads to close. Click the little box next to "Resolved" at the bottom, then click on the word "Resolved".

  User-1229748 21:05 05 Apr 2010

the only reason i get a faster download speed with my n router rather than the virgin supplied dg834gv5 is because the version 5 is not fit for the job.apparently the v5 has a different chipset to the previous so even though i only get 4mb its better than the 2mb that both the virgin g routers struggle to in rare cases it can make a difference but these cases are rare :o(

  pookie 10:30 08 Apr 2010

Noted with thanks Pineman100. I have closed the other one

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