G to G+ MIMO - Is it worth the upgrade?

  Davy 43 10:29 16 Nov 2008

Hi Folks,

Did a post on Fri regarding the above. Just about to bid on a Belkin Modem /Router (G+ MIMO) & wondering if it's worth the upgrade. Don't want to have to upgrade other pc's on network to MIMO if I can help it, just want to improve my speed & range if possible.



  ambra4 11:20 16 Nov 2008

“Just want to improve my speed & range if possible”

Take a read first before buying, as you would also need to get a Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO

USB Adaptor to get the max range

Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO Modem Router

click here

Standard speed on all build in wireless devices is 54Mbps if you want to increase the connect speed

you need to look at a 108Mbps or a 125Mbps router and a 108Mbps / 125Mbps wireless card

or USB adapter

Using a build in normal wireless card or a standard USB wireless adapter to connect to a

108Mbps, 125Mbps wireless router will still only connect at 54Mbps

You must purchase a separate 108Mbps, 125Mbps, 300Mbps USB adapter or PCI

card for each wireless device you want to connect at that speed from the same company

as the router

In other words D-link 108Mbps router and D-link 108Mbps wireless card or USB adapter

Using a D-link 108Mbps Router with a Buffalo Air-Station Wireless 125Mbps USB

Adapter will not connect at 108Mbps but at 54Mbps

Each company have there own system and software to increases the connect speed

D-link system is a normal 54Mbps system with special software to get 108Mbps

The same apply for the Buffalo Air-Station 125Mbps Wireless system

  Davy 43 15:23 17 Nov 2008

Thanks ambra4,

So is it my understanding that if I purchased a Belkin G+ M/R & G+ USB adapter, I will get the speed on the box (108Mbps). But if I introduce any pc into the network with a standard G device, then the speed will drop back to 54 Mbps?

Would the same apply if my son is on Xbox Live(std G adapter) at the same time that I'm online?

Thanks again.

  ambra4 02:08 18 Nov 2008

Yes your son xbox will connect at 54Mbps but you will connect at 108Mbps

Any device you need to connect at 108Mbps you have to install a 108Mbps adapter

All standard G adapter will connect at 54Mbps

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