FYI Asus K8V AMD64 Motherboards Memory Issue!

  Rigga 11:37 23 Sep 2004


I have an AMD64 3200+ system Using an Asus K8V Motherboard, which supports PC3200 DDR 400Mhz memory.

However, Is you use all three Dimm slots the performance of the memory is impaired, down to PC2700 DDR 333Mhz, or in worst case, if all three Dimm's are double sided, down to PC2100 DDR 200mhz.

Just thought I'd point this out as I had been wondering why my memory wasn't running at full speed. Now I know!

It's just that if I had known this beforehand I would not have purchased the 3x 512mb modules, but I would have purchased 1x1gb module and 1x512mb module.

Ah well you live and learn ay!


  The Spires 21:31 23 Sep 2004

Thanks for that posting & after reading my destructions I found it is true. I bought my mainboard & 3200 chip from Novatech last week as it looked a good deal, Cpu with heatsink & 512k of 400 memory.

However Novatech in their infinite wisdom have used two slots with 256 modules which means unless I want to slow my memory down greatly I have to ditch one or both sticks as in reality there are only two slots that are usable. I am glad I read this post as I was going to get a single 512 module today. I am now using two 512k & moving the original sticks down the chain. Cheers.

  vinnyT 13:36 24 Sep 2004

Other than the above, do you like the board, is it well set out?

  Rigga 14:16 24 Sep 2004

The Spires ... My board originally came with 2x256mb modules from Mesh, But I asked for them to be exchanged for 1x512mb Module, which they did FOC. Maybe you could try emailing and asking Novatech?

Vinny T ... Yeah it's a fairly nice MB. I recently removed it from it's case to fit a zalmann flower cooler, and it was very easy to re-install all cables to the board then back in the case after fitting of the cooler.

I also run SATA RAID 0, using the onboard hardware Raid. Which seems to rn very nicely.

The stepless FSB is also very usefull, as you can squeeze a little bit extra out of the CPU without going down the serious OC route.

Overall, a good board, with the exception of the above memory issue.


  vinnyT 09:39 26 Sep 2004


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