FX-4170 gaming pc not working up to standards

  JacobJ98 20:21 26 Sep 2014

I recently bought an AMD FX-4170 gaming pc, the specs are good, it has 4.2 Ghz and is a quad core, the reviews said it runs any modern game well, but when I downlaoded games like Titanfall and BF4, I was getting terrible FPS, is there anything I can do, because I feel it should work better for a £400 PC.

  rdave13 21:07 26 Sep 2014

If you could give us a link to the machine you bought then others will have a look at the spec. Usually a £400 PC desktop doesn't give decent specs for a gaming PC. PSU and ram and a dedicated GPU are usually the reasons that performance is poor.

  JacobJ98 22:21 26 Sep 2014

here's the link to the PC: click here

  JacobJ98 23:30 26 Sep 2014

so if I upgrade my graphics card will I be ok?

  rdave13 23:49 26 Sep 2014

Not really. The description of the desktop is very lacking. No mention of the motherboard or the PSU rating. Ram is ok.

You will need to open the case to see the PSU rating. 500 Watts or more will be good. I'm sure yours will be about 350 Watts.

I'm sure you will need to upgrade the PSU and buy a decent GPU for it to be a reasonable gaming machine. It's advertised as a "gaming/home" PC but that is open to interpretation.

  JacobJ98 00:00 27 Sep 2014

ok thanks

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