Future Proof PC Spec For Non-Gaming Use

  boyo123boyo 20:54 17 Apr 2017

I'm looking for a PC spec for a PC that should last at least 6 to 8 years. No gaming components necessarily needed. As for a budget, I'd be looking to spend around £600 including a decent monitor.

The PC would be used mainly for general internet use (e.g browsing and youtube) and would be used with basic programs such as MS Office. I'd also like to include windows 10 professional.

I was thinking along the lines of either an i5 or an i7 CPU and 8GB - 16GB RAM. Not really sure what motherboard to go with, or what brand of RAM. I'm trying to keep costs down but still, want reliability. I'd pick a power supply based upon what components I end up with. I'd also use the onboard graphics rather than get a GPU.

Any advice on a spec would be greatly appreciated.

  wee eddie 23:06 17 Apr 2017

No such thing as Future Proof. 5 to 8 years, is a long time in Computer terms, although many of us have PC's that are that old, it is usually because we are too miserable to buy a new one.

Buy the best you can afford. It will be past it in a year but you should get another 5 years, or so, out of it. Think of using Libre Office, it's free, and compatible with MS Office.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:25 18 Apr 2017

Agree no such thing as future proof- any PC you buy is out of date as soon as you get it.

How did we used to cope with a 286 /386, 256MB hard drive and 256Mb of RAM :0)

Am running an 3yr old i5 with 16Gb of RAM previous one was a P4 with 1G Ram lasted 9yrs (2005 - 2014) doing what you describe above before coming too slow on the internet as web page content increased.

  Archonar 13:44 18 Apr 2017

An i5 will be more than enough for that kind of use. An i7 is excessive, and probably still will be in 7 years for general use.

Brand of ram isn't really an issue, and as long as your motherboard supports the processor and amount of ram you want it doesn't matter which you choose.

  JeremyRundle 14:22 19 Apr 2017

Hahaha 6 to 8 years, dream on

  JeremyRundle 14:24 19 Apr 2017

£6-800 my son spent more than that on just one of his two new graphic cards and anticipates changing them in three years. I don't game and my PC is updated every two and a half years for Vid editing and photo processing

  Archonar 18:00 19 Apr 2017

Hahaha 6 to 8 years, dream on

6-8 years is a reasonable estimate for just wanting to browse the internet and use ms office. Gaming and video editing/photo processing are highly demanding on computers so often require the most up to date components. Comparing that with someone who just wants light use isn't particularly accurate. I know many people who have made pc's last that long, because they simply didn't need the most up to date spec.

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