Future Proof PC

  Hetti 13:16 03 Oct 2004

I need a second PC and would like advice as to the best one to get, and also be the most up to date so it will be as future proof as it is possible to be.

All this for a budget of around £700/800
Also who is the best to buy from?

  stylehurst 13:48 03 Oct 2004

Have a look at Novatech, they have a variety of PCs at all prices, and are very reliable
click here

  Hamish 13:55 03 Oct 2004

One dealer once told me that "If in the shops it is out of date" Wish you good luck in your search.

  kakasnarta 14:12 03 Oct 2004

Yep....no matter what you buy today its old to-morrow you will never keep pace ,there will always be something new around the corner....next big update for everyone will be BTX form factor...better start saving for that new case and motherboard.

  bremner 14:15 03 Oct 2004

Agree with what others have said but 64 bit will be the defacto for the future so if you can get one of those within your budget I would do so.

For example click here

  jack 14:21 03 Oct 2004

Aint no such thing.
The best route is my route
last weeks model,yesterdays technology.
By the time is has been phased out all the bugs have been ironed out and its a fraction of the price
Thats the technology I like.
Its like cars, to get the best of all worlds
go for the model thats is about to be dropped.
By which time they have got it right production wise and they are loading in the goodies to get shot of 'em
Thats the way to bet best value.

  bremner 14:24 03 Oct 2004

Your suggestion has some valid points but what about graphics?

Doom 3 has pointed the way forward - old cards will simply not perform with the newest, fastest games.

I know this is only an issue if you are a serious gamer, but many are.

  kakasnarta 14:28 03 Oct 2004


I think you have it right.....once its about to be replaced the price plumets...all the tecno geeks want is the latest stuff ...so plenty of perfectly good stuff gets left on the shelf and thats the time to get yourself a bargain....that is unless you MUST have the latest type.

  Jeffers22 14:28 03 Oct 2004

Up coming technologies that will be mainstream soon as others have said - BTX form factor, 64 bit, PCI Express and more. Futureproofing is virtually impossible, but unless you are a gamer then future proofing is virtually a non issue these days as there is very little general software that pushes anything form Athlon XP 1800+ upwards.

Jack makes a very good point - one I tend to subscribe to for the most part.

  jack 14:35 03 Oct 2004

What about graphics, good for games and when youv've got it you see the next one staring in the face = Me? I dont play games.
All else is true if you are a 'must have' go for it.
The industry has to keep going, has to keep the kettle on the boil, there will always be something new, so I will eventually have what you have, but a little bit later.

  jack 14:37 03 Oct 2004

Have you seen the other string where somebody is having trouble getting his 3 grand machine delivered.
If the vendor cant get it delivered for the money what price after sales?

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