Future of the pc?

  =SouPBoY= 19:28 13 Sep 2003

What do you think is the future of the pc? Posts are very welcome!

  nyleridedog 19:31 13 Sep 2003

faster... as in press on and it is on!
what do yer reckon?

  =SouPBoY= 19:35 13 Sep 2003

I think the pc will be an entertainment centre. Bring together the TV, computer and home security. And of course it will be amazingly fast but only the size of a PDA!!

  seedie 19:43 13 Sep 2003

HAL in a lunchbox

  madPentium 19:49 13 Sep 2003

I think in a few years the pc will reach its limit and alternatives for more power will have to be brought into production. Alternatives such as living matter or chemicals. I dont think we will ever develope an artificial intelligence, it's just a dream.

  Peverelli 20:11 13 Sep 2003

I reckon it'll be the nerve centre of almost every house. TV and radio will come via the PC to screens and speakers around the house. Home security, central heating, air conditioning, cooking etc. will be controlled from here. PCA's Helproom will have questions like "How can I set the cooker to come on at 2 in the afternoon at 220°C? I'm using Windows XZ and Ainsley Harriott's EasyCook RAM stick." Oh and people will still play games and write letters on it.

madPentium, I already know a few people with artificial intelligence ;O)

  spuds 20:27 13 Sep 2003

Remember the days of the Sinclair's and the great memory packs.Things can only get better.

  Peverelli 20:30 13 Sep 2003

Yep! Press too hard on the ZX81's wonderful keyboard and make the RAM pack wobble and lose everything. Quickly learned to save (to cassette tape) quite often.

  wee eddie 21:38 13 Sep 2003

Build a house. Fit it with a CPU. Do everything with it and replace it every 15 years. Industry dead.

To maintain itself, the industry has to continue changing, smaller, cheaper, more versatile, more specialised, anything to keep the punters, thats you and I, upgrading.

  madPentium 22:35 13 Sep 2003

Well Japan seem to think the computer belongs in a mobile phone. Great if we all have eye resolution of an eagle, and fingers the size of ant legs.

  john-232317 22:43 13 Sep 2003

Will that be dialup or adsl ?

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