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  Lionheart™ 14:50 19 Jan 2003
  Lionheart™ 14:50 19 Jan 2003

Hi I have about £2000 pound to spend on a new computer, and thought I would build it myself.

What I would like to know from you all if you dont mind is what would your components be for the ultimate machine.


  DieSse 15:48 19 Jan 2003

Full tower case - 400W PSU (make sure it's a top quality PSU) - thermostatic case fan.

P4 3GHz processor - high quality thermostatic fan.

i845 based motherboard, with hyperthreading capable chipset.

512Mb 1st quality DDR RAM PC2700

GeF4 Ti 4600 128Mb graphics

twin 80Gb 7200rpm HDDs

CD writer/DVD to taste

19" Flat screen CRT display

Multi media cordless keyboard and optical mouse.

Decent set of surround L/speakers.

Sound card if you really feel you need better than on-board sound (I don't normally)

This will give you cutting edge performance with reliability and stability.

Plus an all-in-one HP printer/scanner/fax/photo card reader device, if you need one.

Win XPPro - plus other software to taste.

  'Kinell 16:00 19 Jan 2003

You would need about 10k for the ultimate machine click here then PC Systems

  Lionheart™ 16:13 19 Jan 2003

DieSse thanks for that

'Kinell nice systems there might reconsider the self build :)

  jediknight007 16:36 19 Jan 2003

Ok, I'm gonna have a try but I might not be up to scratch with the latest components:

From ebuyer:

Ebuyer I-TEE ATX Case 400w PSU T Shape in Black for £79.43

AMD ATHLON XP2700+ 333MHz FSB for £262.05

Asus A7V8X KT400 x8AGP +Lan+USB2+ATA150+FW 1394 Motherboard for £92.28

PC2700 512MB 333MHz DDR DIMM for £93.49

Sapphire Radeon 9700PRO Atlantis 128MB DDR DVI AGP TV-Out Retail Box for £258.90

Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 160Gb 7200rpm 8mb Cache ATA133 Hard Drive - OEM for £181.65

Tx Traxdata 52x24x52 IDE Internal CD-RW Drive - Nero - OEM for £52.87

Liteon 16x48 IDE Internal DVD -OEM for £29.37

Mitsubishi 19ins Diamond Pro920 0.24dp 1600x1200 3yrs on-site warranty for £256.43

Soundblaster Audigy 2 - Pci 24bit Soundcard for £87.70

Inspire 6.1 6700 - Uk for £93.18

All that for £1,487.35 but I still yet have to add the keyboard and mouse since I dunno which to choose and for the OS, you can save money by looking round.

However, if I had £2,000, I would just build 2 PCs for £1,000 each and you would still get some of the latest components in there or buy a top-spec PC from a manufacturer like Evesham or Mesh and then upgrade it yourself which shouldn't cost more than £1,500.

  Lionheart™ 16:39 19 Jan 2003

Thanks - jediknight007

  jay123 17:06 19 Jan 2003

The only componant i would add to the list above is a pioner multi-region DVD rom drive from OCUK.
One of the most important decisions i feel you will make is the case. You dont see those groovy red PCB's but you do see the case.

  Lionheart™ 17:50 19 Jan 2003

cheers - jay123

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