Futher adventures....and HELP NEEDED GANG..:@)

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 22:39 21 Jul 2004

Oh my goodness....
I have taken all advise for ages on here fom VoG, and others and from this advise, have downloaded the following....Diskeeper lite, AIDA32, Unknown device identifier (This is very odd, as it appears to be a short gray oblong with a cats head zipping accross it for a couple of minutes), Spysweeper, Ad-Aware, Norman Antivirus, Registry Machanic, Spy-bot, A2Strartcentre, CCleaner, and CNET Secure delivery...HOWEVER.....This is what opens in my programmes..Wupdater, Khost, GMS, Smesys, CSmeys, Rondll32, Stimon, Loadqm, Dcfssvc, Zlh, Mdm, Sahagent, Nynmse, Robotikbaricon, Nip, GMT, presisiontime, Mdm, Datemaker (This seems to be a clock, as opposed any meetings of the opposite sex with a rose in my bttonhole).
Anyway...what do you all think....I am going to have a bath now cos spent all day tileing bathroom, so I will return, and hopefully someone will have the enerygy and time to expline to me what is going on, how can I clean her up as it were, and how can I avoid this happening...Or is it all good stuff????.....I don't know....I will be back...


(PS..Despite the apauling spelling the descriptions are correct...;@)

  TommyRed 22:49 21 Jul 2004


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:11 21 Jul 2004

Spyware Alert – WUPDATER.EXE

Wupdater.exe is a spyware program that may have installed with n-CASE, iGetNet, and KeenValue.exe. This programs were created by eUniverse.

In general, these programs generate popup ads and may hijack web searches. Wupdater.exe seems to be a background update task. We'd recomment removing this file. You'll probably find it in C:\Program Files\Common files\updater\wupdater.exe.

Program Title: kdx
Not Required at Startup - Application Launcher, (Microsoft Office Application )
Comments: KonTiki Secure Delivery Plug In related. "The Kontiki Delivery Management System (DMS) is a secure delivery network for distribution of video, software, audio, documents, and other digital media. The Kontiki DMS enables enterprises to efficiently publish, secure, deliver and track digital media to employees, partners, and customers"


Smesys.exe + CSmesys = spyware

When you install MSN Explorer, the Loadqm.exe file is added to the Startup
folder, and Loadqm.exe then starts each time you start your computer

Assume you meant Rundll32 a win sysfile

stimon.exe Process Name: Windows 98/ME’s Still Image Monitor ...you have a USB Scanner?

  gudgulf 23:23 21 Jul 2004

Precisiontime...also spyware.

Adaware and Spybot S&D should detect this at least if they are fully up-to date.
Try booting into safe mode and running your anti adware/syware programs and your anti-virus scanner from there.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:34 21 Jul 2004

Program Title: DCfssvc
Rating: 2 ( Not Required at Startup - Application Launcher, Microsoft Office Application )
Comments: Associated with digital cameras and known to cause problems which disappear if disabled. If this program is unchecked in startup, your camera will not cause your computer to open a pop-up window when you connect it. It is even money if you will be able to read the files off the camera without this

Program Title: ZLH
Rating: 3 ( Users Choice (application need to be run at startup, but is not system critical) )
Comments: System Tray icon for Norman Antivirus

Mdm? do you have mobile phone software installed?

Process File: sahagent or sahagent.exe
Process Name: Sahagent
Description: Application that collects and combines user Internet browsing behavior and sends it to ShopAtHomeSelect servers.
Company: ShopAtHomeSelect.com
System Process: No
Security Risk ( Virus/Trojan/Worm/Adware/Spyware ): Yes

Nynmse? NYmse is part of Norman antivirus

Robotik is a font ...dont know what Roboitbaricon is.


Precision Time is
1. sync to atomic clock or
2.part of the adware GAIN system( The Gator Advertising Information Network). It is either distributed with Gator or installed as a stand alone application. It installs itself as a drive-by application loading simply by clicking OK on a pop-up ad that appears on your screen. The program synchronizes your computer's clock to the U.S. Atomic clock ensuring you have the correct time. The trade off for this little convenience is that it will generate pop up ads and other nuisances on your screen.

How to Remove Precision Time?

Remove this spyware using PestPatrol or follow these steps to manually remove it:

1) From the Windows Start button select Settings and then Control Panel.

2) When the Control Panel window opens, double-click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.

3) When the Add/Remove Programs Properties window opens, locate Precision Time in the list of installed programs.

4) Select it and then click on the Add/Remove button.

5) Follow the on screen instructions.

Datemaker a clock? could be a coolweb search try CWshredder. however looking In to this came across Young danish girls may be gone for some time.


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