Furthermore....SD, SDIO and MMC

  herc182 15:36 23 Jul 2004

Sorry people, but what is the difference between SD, SDIO and MMC memory? my PDA supports all three but i am unsure which is best/cheapest (have tried looking for it online but cant get the right key words!!).


  stalion 16:14 23 Jul 2004

have a look here click here
you can type in your computer number and they will tell you what is suitable for yours

  herc182 16:30 23 Jul 2004

Its my PDA and not my PC, hence this doesnt work....
I know what memory it takes, just not sure what the differences are between them, and the costs.

Thanks for you help

  stalion 16:35 23 Jul 2004

sorry missed the pda part of your post

  Stuartli 16:49 23 Jul 2004

Secure Digital is an encrypted version of MultiMedia memory and, in most cases, products such as digital cameras using SD memory are also compatible with MMC; however this is not written in stone and your manual will advise.

Here's a description of SDIO:

click here

An explanation of the advantages of SD over MMC:

click here

  herc182 17:08 23 Jul 2004

Thanks for that. So is SDIO a form of adding functionality to a device (such as bluetooth and WiFi)? whereas SD and MMC are storage only?


  pcwhizz 17:23 23 Jul 2004

MMC is used in Smart Phones , Digital Cameras, PDA's and So On. It is used for storgae Only

SD is the same as MMC but its encrypted.

And as u sed SDIO adds Functionality.

For price I would go with MMC coz its wot i use.

On ebuyer.co.uk there is a well reviewed 256mb MMC card for £33 with free p&p at moment.

click here

hope this helps


  herc182 17:26 23 Jul 2004

i read that MMC is slower than SD and that it has less security (?). I was thinking of getting the SD II. its a little xtra but will benefit from speed. dont know if its a massive increase in speed tho.


  pcwhizz 18:16 23 Jul 2004

u wont spot the speed difference.

it really insignificant

  Stuartli 10:24 24 Jul 2004

Yes, but SD is far superior to MMC - that's why it was developed - and the price difference these days over MMC is now very small.

  herc182 09:17 26 Jul 2004

So is the difference between SD and SDII notable (in a PDA) and worth paying the extra money for?


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