Further string to XP professional shut downs

  [DELETED] 13:13 19 Oct 2003

I still need some help with my XP professional shut down after downloading security patches

  powerless 13:15 19 Oct 2003

Does it restart to a normal desktop and are the updates installed?

  hugh-265156 14:10 19 Oct 2003
  [DELETED] 14:16 19 Oct 2003
  [DELETED] 18:04 20 Oct 2003

Answer to Powerless:
Yes normal desktop resumes after I have gone through the usual re select safe mode procedures and it has saved the downloads to my computer

  [DELETED] 18:11 20 Oct 2003

Thanks for the info I will have a read through and see if it relates

  [DELETED] 18:21 20 Oct 2003

Thanks VoG
Will read through and see what applies

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