Further news on the Bugbear Virus

  Gandalph 23:40 06 Jun 2003

With gratitude to Dan Gookin of Wambooli.com

BugBear is coming back with a fury! This is the same BugBear virus that proliferated back in
September, but for some reason the "social engineering" on this one is really good, coaxing many
people to open the attachment that carries the virus and infecting their computers.

Symantec raised the alert level on BugBear to 4 today, the highest level they got. This is right on
the heels of the "[email protected]" PIF viruses just two weeks ago (though they proliferated
the SoBig virus).

BE WARNED! Bugbear disguises the From address. So it may seem like the attachment is coming
from someone you know. It's not, nor did that person send you the virus!

* Use anti-virus software.

* Do not open unexpected attachments, especially from folks you recognise. E-mail them back and
ask if they sent the file. They probably didn't.

* Links:

[email protected]" title="http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here

click here

click here

Be sure to include links when you warn others of viruses. This provides third-party confirmation of
your report and helps stem the spread of Internet hoaxes.

  Gandalph 01:05 07 Jun 2003

Quite agree with what you have all said. People have to be educated but where do you start. Not an easy task by any means. Personally, any e-mails that come in to me that I dont recognise gets the right click and delete treatment. I have never had a virus on this machine, (probably my last famous words) and I keep my fingures crossed.

I will give this posting the green tick treatment but will keep poping back to read any further comments.

Welcome home Barry, Hope you had a nice Holiday. I'm still waiting of my postcard. lol.

Cheers. :-)

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