Further help wanted with autorun CD, Please.

  Wak 14:34 10 May 2003

Hi, I've used the autorun.inf file to open the FamilyHistory.exe program but this program needs the personal info in a data file to complete it and cannot seem to find it anywhere.
I've tried putting the data file in the root of the CD beneath the autorun.inf file. No good.
I've put the data in a separate folder on the CD. No good.
I've put the data file actually in the Family history program. No good.
It can find the original data file which is on the Hard drive but not the one on the CD.
If I right click on the original data file (on the hard drive)and select OPEN, Windows finds the correct program to open it with ie. the Family history prog.
Would this system still work on the CD or can anyone tell me where you usually put data files on autorun CDs, Please.
Any help would be appreciated.

  jazzypop 16:31 10 May 2003

Try creating a textfile using notepad called autorun.inf

The file should have 3 lines only...

Open=myprogram.exe mydatafile.txt

You will obviously need to substitute the correct names for myprogram.exe, mydatafile.txt and Myprogram.ico

Alternatively, try a program such as click here - there are many free ones that are similar.

If that does not work, it may simply be that the program cannot run directly from CD, and needs to be installed so that it can access a number of dll files that were registered as part of the installation process.

  Wak 21:22 10 May 2003

Many thanks for your response, jazzypop.
I already do use Notepad to make autorun.inf file but it cannot seem to find the relative data file no matter where I put it.
I'll look into your suggestions and report back later.
Thanks again.
PS. I could have sworn I replied to this posting this afternoon but it doesn't seem to have arrived so far. (If it gets duplicated, please blame PCA).

  jazzypop 21:52 10 May 2003

I forgot how this site can mess up the formatting of messages. I'm sure you are aware, but for the benefit of anyone else who has a similar proble, the 3 lines need to be in the form of...


Open=myprogram.exe mydatafile.txt


Each line should be immediately after the other, with no blank lines between.

  Wak 22:34 10 May 2003

Thanks again, jazzypop. I've just tried it by putting the data file after the exe file and it seems to be working OK now but I'll try it tomorrow on a different computer so that it definitely won't be able to see the original file on the hard disc.
I'll assume that it will be OK and tick this posting as closed.
Thank you, once more.

  Granger 22:27 14 May 2003

...do I autorun a htm file? If I substitute myprogram.exe in the advice above for mywebpage.htm, what is the mydatafile.txt file for? I'd like to send CDs out with examples of intranets, so the index.htm opens automatically. And how do you create a .ico file?

  jazzypop 22:34 14 May 2003
  jazzypop 22:39 14 May 2003

Whoops! Forgot the icon - click here

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