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  chrissy7 19:43 16 Apr 2004

I am Reverting an old 486 back to DOS 6.2 & WIN 3.11.....It has WIN 95 on it at present. It has a CDROM and Soundcard (soudblaster 16 ) which were both added at later times. I no lomger have the driver discs for either of these hardware items. Using Windows explorer in the Win 95 framework, I have copied the complete CDROM & Sounblaster direcories to floppies..ie 'PANA' & SBI6. Will these files enable me to reload the respective drivers back on to the m/c when DOS & WIN 3.11 are installed. IF this wont work can someone suggest a way that would..Keep it simple guys I'me no expert, just an enthuiastic amateur.

  Valvegrid 20:19 16 Apr 2004

From memory I think Windows 3.11 will install the MSCDEX file to the command line which will run the CDrom. The Soundblaster16 needs a DOS driver, you can download one from here: click here but the site seems to be having problems at the moment, so you may have to try it later.

  Eric10 21:07 16 Apr 2004

First install DOS 6.22 on your hard drive. You will then need to load a device driver for your CDRom from the Config.sys file. At its most basic this takes the form:

Device=C:\CDROM.SYS /D:MSCD001

where CDROM.SYS is your CDROM DOS driver. If you have, or can download a Windows 98 boot disk http:\\click here then you should find a suitable driver on that and examining the Config.sys file on the floppy should give you enough information to modify the Config.sys file put on your C: drive by the DOS 6.22 installation.

You then need to load MSCDEX.EXE from the Autoexec.bat file which will take the form:


again take guidance from the Autoexec.bat file on the floppy and make sure that the CDRom driver and MSCDEX.EXE are in the root of your C: drive or modify the paths to reflect where they are. Note that the string following /D: doesn't need to be the same as I have quoted but should be identical in both Config.sys and Autoexec.bat.

You should now be able to install Windows 3.11. If Windows does't need MSCDEX.EXE it will REM out the entry in Autoexec.bat but I think that it was needed up until Windows 95.

When you get a DOS driver for your soundcard it should come with an INSTALL program that will put its own entries into Autoexec.bat and possibly Config.sys but don't expect as much hand-holding as later versions of Windows give you.

  chrissy7 16:40 23 Apr 2004

Thanks Guys, think I can sort it with that info,Cheers..Cris

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