funny noise

  ntlman 10:53 28 Dec 2003

I wonder if anybody can help me I accantional get a click tock noise comming from my pc I have scanned disk both the hard disk everything seems fine, or my programs seem to load ok. It also does it when it first loads up.

  goonerbill 11:44 28 Dec 2003

the best thing to do is open the case and then turn it on and see if you can pin point were the noise is coming from. then post back

  Derek 11:59 28 Dec 2003

To find the noise, place a length of plastic tube to your ear and then pass the other end around every part of the drives and the motherboard. Don't forget the power supply.

  Ben.s 12:18 28 Dec 2003

my old computer used to tick alot wen it first loaded up. then i put a new motherboard(AMD) in and it went smoothly but if its the speaker clickin then unplug inside

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