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I have a task wherein I call certain telephone numbers on regular basis. Sometimes I call strange numbers too.
The telephone is a cell mobile and all those I call often are staff members. There is a database containing the names and cell numbers of all staff members in a worksheet. The bill from the telephone company displays only phone numbers. What function in Excel can I use to detect whether a number in a bill (in another excel sheet)is found in the staff database; and then for instance do the comparism and give the results in another sheet. leaving behind only those numbers that do not exist in the staff database.

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I'll transfer it to the Helproom, where (unless I'm very much mistaken) you'll have your answer within an hour or two.

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You need to use a LOOOKUP function, probably VLOOKUP if your data are arranged in successive rows in the same column.

Lets say your staff names are in a sheet called Staff, with numbers in Column A and names in Column B, in rows 1:100

Say the bill sheet is called Bill, with the numbers in A1:A100.

In another sheet you would enter the following in A1

=VLOOKUP(Bill!A1, Staff!A$1:B$100, 2, False)

Then click in that cell, hover the cursor over the bottom right corner of the cell until the cursor turns into a +, hold down the left mouse button and drag to copy the formula down as far as needed.


1. The syntax for VLOOKUP is


2. The column you are looking up (in this case the names) must be the right of the column containing the search criterion (phone number). If it isn't, you would need to use ine INDEX and MATCH functions.

Thanx so much for your effort. I will try what you've advice and revert with results. I however believe that this will work.


Thanx so much you are very kind and devoted to helping people. God bless you.

Cheers and continue you hard work...

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