fully charged re-chargables-how many photo's?

  christmascracker 17:27 17 Jul 2003

Hi all

Me and hubby are off to the British GP on sunday and obviously I will be taking plenty of photo's.

With 2 128meg smart media cards I should be able to fit on around 468 piccie's.

I will be taking three sets of fully charged NI-CAD batteries and have turned off the LCD screen.

Do you think this will be enough to see me through?

Thank you

  Gaz 25 17:36 17 Jul 2003

I think it should be, but if in doubt take spare.

TFT and Flash and sometimes zoom are the most hugary.

  Jester2K II 17:43 17 Jul 2003

I use a Fuji-Film S304 Zoom.

It takes 4 AA.

At first i used normal AA batteries and these lasted a while, but since buying rechargeable 1800 mAh they last 200 - 300 photos with the TFT screen on and mostly with flash. My sister bought 2000 mAh ones and they last longer - she was about to bin the camera for being faulty and eating batteries after 3 photos...

The larger that mAh number is the longer they'll last.

  Confab 17:54 17 Jul 2003

Why not test it. Take 468 pics and see if the batteries last. A bit time consuming I know but at least you'll have an idea as to whether your batteries will last!!

Digital camears are power hungry so maybe invest in some Li-ion's they have a much longer life than ni-cads and can be recharged without being fully discarged.

  christmascracker 17:55 17 Jul 2003

Thanks guy's.

Gaz 25 Screen is off and shouldn't need the flash.

Jester2K II batteries are 1300 mAh camera is an Olympus 220Zoom which takes 2 at a time

  christmascracker 17:56 17 Jul 2003

Thats a good idea should keep me busy tonight!!

  Jester2K II 18:07 17 Jul 2003

You can get 4 AA NiMH 200 mAh for about £20 with a charger in Dixon's..

  Stuartli 18:14 17 Jul 2003

Modern Ni-MH batteries can be charged up at any stage as they have no memory problem, unlike the old Ni-Cad batteries.

Latest Ni-MH batteries are the 2200mAH type; as has been rightly pointed out the higher the number the longer they will last in use.

I have a 2MP Minolta Dimage E203 with zoom, TFT screen etc.

Using two 1300mAh batteries I can take three figure totals in pix taken at medium res using a mixture of flash, zoom and viewing on the screen; there is still plenty of battery life left although I recharge to make sure.

I bought a high speed two/four battery capacity recharger from CPC in Preston for £11.75 including VAT - this recharges Ni-Cad in under an hour and Ni-MH batteries (in this case the 1300 versions) in under two hours; higher capacities Ni-MH batteries will take proportionally longer to fully charge.

Only feature it lacks is the means to fully discharge batteries before recharging them, which is claimed to extend battery life substantially. It can be used on the mains or via a car battery and comes with both adapters; car battery charging time is the same as on the mains.

Its price is quite remarkable as most of the rapid chargers i.e. that can recharge in one or two hours cost at least twice as much. Most of the cheaper battery rechargers take up to 15 hours to charge up Ni-MH batteries.

  christmascracker 18:30 17 Jul 2003

Thanks for all your replies.

I got it wrong by the way my batteries are 1300 Ni-MH. (not Ni CAD)

Anyway will mark this as resolved

  Confab 18:30 17 Jul 2003

Thanks for the post but I was just trying to point out that Li-ion are even better that NiMH which are, of course, better than ni-cads .

Li-ion have a much better power to weight ratio than any type of commercially available battery but finding AA size can be problematic. If your main concern is battery life then Li-ion is the type to go for. ;-)

  -pops- 18:34 17 Jul 2003

Is this a new camera???

If it is, do a thorough check of battery life before you go away.

Some years ago I bought a Fuji digital camera that got through a set of batteries per 20 pictures taken. Obviously it was faulty and I got it replaced but make sure yours works OK before you depart.


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