Full Systems Back Up

  johnoo 15:21 28 Apr 2012

I take regular backups of "My Documents" folder onto a microvault USB Flashdrive. But I have never carried out a full Backup of my "C Drive" I keep a note of all of the Programs that I have downloaded. Questions 1 Is it worth it? 2 Is the best & easiest way onto a External Hard Drive?

  Batch 15:38 28 Apr 2012

Most people on this forum tend to recommend Acronis True Image (which I use myself, albeit a very old version) and I find perfect for the job. Google for it and you should be able to pick up the latest version for around £18 to £20.

But there are free alternatives out there. Reckoned to be one of the best is Easus ToDo (click here.

You would need to decide whether to create a full back-up each time or periodically create a full back-up, followed by so called incremental back-ups (which just add changes to the original back-up)

Whichever you go for you will need another hard disk (ideally external in a caddy) to create the back-ups on. If you get a sufficuently large external disk, you can keep several back-up images.

  johnoo 16:13 28 Apr 2012

Bit lost on this after the advise of Batch. If I have a External hard Drive or even a large USB Flash drive, why do I need Acronis True Image? Why can't I just copy my "C Drive" to the external source?

  wee eddie 16:18 28 Apr 2012

jonoo: Good Question

  Batch 18:13 28 Apr 2012

Assuming that you are running Windows, you will not be able to simply make a full back-up whilst Windows is running/ I.e. you want be able to say "COPY C:*.* D:*.*" or drag the whole of C:\ and all its folders and subfolders to D:. It just won't work whilst Windows is running.

Furthermore, how would you restore the backup? If Windows was still working from C: and you tried to copy D: over the top of it Windows would be trying to disappear up its own proverbial.

Software like Acronis installs special drivers and other elements that allows it to lock Windows elements (whilst Windows is running) to allow backup of the system drive (e.g. C:) whilst it is in use.

To restore a backup, Acronis boots into its own Linux based shell (i.e. Windows is not running) so that it can completely overwrite the old C: with the backup.

I'm afraid that you'll just have to accept that that is the way it is.

Of course, you could always copy across individual files and folders - but would not constitute a full backup and is really no more effective than what you currently do.

  john bunyan 19:50 28 Apr 2012

Have a read here:

Old Thread

  johnoo 20:40 28 Apr 2012

OK, thanks but:- Is it worth my while doing a full backup? If the Disc Drive failed:- 1 I have the XP Installation disc, so I could re set up 2 I back up My Documents" weekly to a USB Flash drive, & within this I have a Folder stating the web sites of all Programs I have downloaded ie AVG/CC Cleaner/Image Resizer etc 3 All Photos are backed up the CD & USB Flash drive.

What would I gain from buying a External Drive & extra Software?

  johnoo 21:11 28 Apr 2012

Should also have said in my last post that monthly I Export from Internet Explorer copies of my Bookmarks & Contacts to my "C Drive" TheContacts are done as a CSV file.

  john bunyan 21:25 28 Apr 2012

Yes but after a couple of years the updates on Windows and other programmes are many, so it takes an age to re install from scratch.

  lotvic 23:37 28 Apr 2012

"What would I gain from buying a External Drive & extra Software?"

You would be back up and running in less than an hour versus 2-3 days solid of hair pulling, installing XP and all other programs, updating & tweaking each one, recreating your email accounts, trying to remember passwords and product keys and entering them, importing Bookmarks & Contacts and emails and also using up your bandwidth allowance for updating all software.

Not to mention that if you ever got a serious malware/virus that messed up your system you could just wipe the drive and put the image back on instead of trying to clear the infection which could take a week or more of messing about.

Still, each to their own..

  finerty 09:45 29 Apr 2012

Acronis can make a copy of the operating system with all the software plus files sved on the pc. It makes copy by making the copy onto the externa drive.

If later you have problems you insert the acronis disc and follow the instructions of installing the copy onto the orignal drive.

I got mine cheaper its a 2010 version and still works wonders.

Its qucikers than reinstailling all the operatin system, drivers software indvidualy, as reinstallss are quite long and somtimes pretty boring.

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