Full System Backup on Windows XP

  SteveBut 20:07 26 Oct 2005

I'm sure there must be a simple explanation for this, but I've searched the forum & can't find it. I'm attempting to do a full system backup & create a system recovery disk using Windows XP Pro. I use the Backup Wizard, select the option: "Backup all information on this computer", which should also allow me to create a system disk. I then select my DVDROM drive (D) to back everything upto & I get the following message:-
"The Backup file name could not be used
D:\Backup New Sys.bkf
Please ensure it is a valid path and that you have sufficient access"
The Windows XP help is pretty confusing, it seems to be going on about Media Pools, but I haven't a clue what they are!
Can anyone help me, I thought backups were meant to be simple !
Thanks in advance.

  VoG II 20:11 26 Oct 2005

Windows Backup won't backup to CD or DVD.

You would need to backup to your hard drive then byrn to DVD.

  GroupFC 20:14 26 Oct 2005

I think you'll find that XP's built in back up facility (unbelieveably!), only supports floppy disks as the back up medium!

If you wait for somebody with more experience than me to come along, I am sure that they'll let you know the best way to proceed!

  SteveBut 20:16 26 Oct 2005

Thanks for the response - is there a way I can create just a system recovery disk onto floppy then? I've got Nero & can use the backup tool on there to back up the rest of my files to DVD

  stalion 20:22 26 Oct 2005

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  Jackcoms 22:38 26 Oct 2005

Windows XP backup facility also supports USB pen drives

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