Full solid state disc

  ss6c 21:38 25 Dec 2012

Hi I recently got a new PC with windows 7 64 bit. The OS is on a solid state disc "C". 60gb. It only has 4 gigs left and is showing red in "my computer". I have discarded the Hibernate feature as the PC is overclocked and the PC does not hibernate anyway. I have reduced the size of the page file. It only has a couple of programmes besides the OS on it. I have transferred the my documents, pictures, music etc to the normal hard disc. I have run cc cleaner. The disc just keeps getting fuller. I am not knowingly adding anything to it. I have a program called "Folder Size" that identifies the size of the folders. It indicates that all the software on the "C" disc only takes up 20.4 gigs. Anybody know what is going on?

  rdave13 21:55 25 Dec 2012

Disabled system restore? Turn off indexing, disabled defrag?

  ss6c 22:14 25 Dec 2012

Hi thanks for responding. I have reduced the allocated space to system restore but feel a bit uncomfortable about turning it off completely. I have disabled defrag. I'll try disabling indexing. If it is indexing that is constantly adding to the load it still seems an enormous amount of Gigs that don't seem to be detected.


  ss6c 22:25 25 Dec 2012

I have turned off indexing but it has not released any space.

  rdave13 22:39 25 Dec 2012

Turn off system restore completely. You'll need some other software to create an image and rescue disc. SR will shorten the life of the drive. Also go to C:\users\ name\ AppData\Local\Temp and empty the folder of all that will delete. Ignore the ones that won't.

  rdave13 23:08 25 Dec 2012

Your C:\ should be for your OS and a few programs. If you have another drive for data try emptying your 'MY' folders. For example my pictures.

Create a folder on the second drive, possibly lettered D:\, if you have one, and name it my photos. Copy all your photos from the C:\ drive's My Pictures then paste to the D drive's newly formed folder called my photos. Once copied over check all files are ok. If they are you can delete all your pictures in the C:\ drive's My Pictures. Make sure ok first before deleting. You can do this with your other MY folders such as Music, Videos and Docs. On the D drive create a 'newdownloads' folder (that is what I named it) then in IE go to tools View Downloads, options, browse, expand Computer, D:\, and select the newly named 'newdownloads' folder. So from then everything will download to the D drive's new download folder. When installing programs create a folder for them on the D drive and when running through the installer, when you get the choice of where to install select browse, then browse to the folder prepared for it on D.

  ss6c 23:13 25 Dec 2012

Thanks. Did all that, made no noticeable difference.

  rdave13 23:15 25 Dec 2012

Then I give up.

  rdave13 23:16 25 Dec 2012

Except for running Ccleaner. That might release a bit of space.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:07 26 Dec 2012


"Users/name/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Common/Media Cache Files"

delete all in there

specify in my Adobe preferences that future media cache files are saved on a bigger internal or external drive.

  ss6c 12:55 26 Dec 2012

Thanks for your interest. Cleared the Adobe cache only a few MB's in there. Nothing seems to make much difference. As I mentioned in original post only able to detect about 20gigs on the hard drive although I have enabled "show hidden files and folders". There is a 100 mb "reserved" section, but the content of the rest of the disc is a mystery. Only things I have on the SSD is windows 7, firefox, media monkey, avg and some additional programs preinstalled to do with the motherboard and realtek sort of thing. As I mentioned can only detect about 20 gigs. Is it possible that the disc is faulty or hard disc monitoring is faulty?

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