full size window??

  gudda96 17:35 19 Jun 2003

I know that you can drag a 1/2 window then close to make it open maximum size next time but I believe you can tick a box that makes it open full size every time.

can anyone tell me where it is please.

  gudda96 11:04 20 Jun 2003

Hi Chris

Thanks for answering but I cannot follow all you say.

My O/S is W98SE so don?t know if things are different on your PC.

If I r/c on IE icon (D/T) then properties, there is no shortcut tab.

I have just opened IE/you said Open in a New Window but I could not see that option.

Can I say that I don?t have the problem in IE, its when I open say a word or excel doc or even when I open My Computer. Its not all the time and as I said in my post, I do know how to drag to maximum rather than use max button. I also know that if I close the window I have just maximized (r/c on taskbar) it WILL open maximized next time.

I have been told that in settings/configuration somewhere, you can tick a box that says something like ?open as full window all the time?

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