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  anna c 17:01 21 Oct 2003

We have been given a PC - Pentium 2 with Windows ME. Did have Office on it (site licence for the old users.) System died. Went in for repair. Whole thing had to be retatooed. As we don't have MS Office applications package, we need to get Word back onto our system asap.
We have our own MS Office '95 that we cannot load onto the system as the CD key is only 16 digits and Microsoft won't provide us with the rest of the digits to load it up.
We therefore face a bill to buy a new Word. We neither want nor need to buy a new PC nor a new OS but Microsoft only now sell to individuals or through outlets the XP package.
We have seen upgrade versions but without something on the system to upgrade, will that work or do we need a full version?
Help - I'm lost and a complete simpleton when it comes to PCs.

  mark e 17:04 21 Oct 2003

You need a full package most upgrades look for qualifiers (Older versions) to ensure you are eligable for the upgrade.

  expertec 17:08 21 Oct 2003

click here Microsoft Office for sale, there are some office 95 starting at £5

  the genie 17:11 21 Oct 2003

I would recommend buying either Microsoft Works or Microsoft Works Suite as both contain up to date versions of Word. The first is a versatile but reasonably priced office package, the second contains the office package with Photo, Route Planner and other useful(?)items.

Now is a good time to buy as the newest version has just come in to the shops so most retailers have cut the price of earlier (but still fully useable) versions.

  Smiler 17:12 21 Oct 2003

Scroll down this page:- click here
there's got to be one there for you

  Djohn 17:15 21 Oct 2003

Would "Works suite 2003" be of use to you, and suitable for your needs. This program contains "Word 2002" the same full version as you will find in Office XP.

Also a cut down version of access/excel/ Autoroute 2002/Encarta 2002/Microsoft Money/Picture it. [Basic photo editing software.]

This Suite retails for approximately £80.00 at the moment. Please reply to this thread if you are interested and I will give you further information. Regards. j.

  Lead 17:29 21 Oct 2003

Never used an upgrade version of an Office product, but the upgrade version of an OS doesn't require the previous version to be installed - it just asks that you insert the 'qualifying product CD' at a particular moment and then you can proceed with the fresh install. Would it be the same for an Office upgrade? As you already have a CD with an Office product on it...

  pj123 18:04 21 Oct 2003

I have a few CDs "Supreme Office Suite" supposed to be compatible with MS Office. If you want one email me your address and I will send it to you.

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