full ntl broadband settings please anyone?

  darkster 14:45 27 Jun 2003

Hi all, I am having problems setting up my Netgear Router to ntl broadband. I can't access the internet without first going to the Netgear router settings url. Please could somebody tell me the full list of settings for ntl?
At the moment the problem is that the default gateway is set to the router settings url and I don't know the settings for ntl so that I can configure the router to use that as the default gateway. (Or am I barking up the wrong tree?)

  Tim1964 16:26 27 Jun 2003

This is a great site gor all things NTL and cable modems

click here

  A15 17:25 27 Jun 2003

When you say you are having trouble, do you mean the router is a new addition to your system? If so you will need to register it with NTL before you can use it to access the internet. This process can be done very simply by re-running the set up cd or manually, but I won't go through that until you post back. Also does your router have the capability to clone the mac address of your NIC, if so try that & it may get you up & running without re-registering.

  darkster 20:16 27 Jun 2003

Thanks for the help guys. The router is a new addition to the system, Before I try re-running the installation cd, how can I register manually?

  Micken 20:34 27 Jun 2003

Sorry if I misunderstand your situation but I use NTL broadband, and have done so since it first came on to the market some years ago. Don't you have to go through a PC as a gateway, with its own IP etc., and then through to LAN etc. I have a full home network, wifi inc., and am willing to help if able. Post more details. Good luck.


  SEASHANTY 21:05 27 Jun 2003

The NTL cable modem is programmed to recognise the MAC (Physical address) of the ethernet card in your original PC. This is the PC originally registered with NTL. To avoid re-registering with NTL the easiest way to do this is to clone the 12 character
MAC address of your original PC into the router. The Linksys router easily allows you to do this and will then configure the setup for you. I don't know if the Netgear router allows cloning. Checkout the options on robin.d.d.walkers ntl website. Sharing computers on a cable modem <click here>

  A15 21:06 27 Jun 2003

1) Install your new hardware, i.e. router. You now cannot connect to internet.

2) Shutdown PC & power off cable modem/set top box for at least one minute.

3) Reconnect power to cable modem/set top box & wait for lights to settle down/stay on (usually 1 - 2 minutes).

4) Power up pc, open explorer, you should now be told you are trying to connect with an unrecognized pc by the computer provisioning logon page.

5) Enter your account/password details, & you will be shown your last current connection, at the bottom of the page click delete.

6) You will then be told you have no registered connections, now click add & follow instructions to register new connection.

7) When you are told that your connection is registered & to follow instructions in the getting started guide, shut down explorer & restart your pc.

When you boot back up, you should be able to access the internet as normal. Sometimes this process can be a little slow & give the impression that the pages are not responding, but do not worry too much, it's just NTL! Good luck.

  SEASHANTY 21:12 27 Jun 2003

To find out the MAC address (Physical address) of your original PC when it is connected to the net. Open Control Panel. Double click on Network Connections. Double click on Local Area Connection. Click on "Support" tab then click on "Details" button. The 12 character PHYSICAL ADDRESS will be displayed separated into two's by hyphens. You need to know this address for cloning.

  hugh-265156 21:13 27 Jun 2003

you should only need to run the install cd once when you first installed ntl.you can then remove all the ntl software if you want,its not required again,even if you reinstall the os.

my settings are as follows if it helps.

ip address

subnet mask

default gateway

dchp server

dns servers /

  hugh-265156 21:15 27 Jun 2003

if one computer is connected and working type ipconfig /all into start/run.

  darkster 22:30 27 Jun 2003

Thanks again, can't get any joy with the setup/register tips or the URLs. Thanks also to Seashanty and huggyg71.
I've noticed under network connection details that the physical address is that of my pc, the default gateway, DHCP server and IP address is the same as the login URL given in my router setup instructions. I can access the internet only after logging in to this URL (router settings page). Seems strange that I have to do this every time?

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