"Full" new hard drive

  Severn Bore 14:46 22 May 2004

Have just installed a brand new second (80Gig) Maxtor Hard Drive on my Win 98SE PC to act as slave to the existing Maxtor 20Gig disk.
All recognised and I had (I thought) created two new partitions on the new drive to which nothing has been added.
However, when I try to explore the new "D" drive via My Computer, it just shows a full disk with no other details. A check on System/ Device manager shows the hard drive as being correctly installed as does Maxtor's Powermax software.
If I try to open the D drive, I get a message saying their is no medium installed (as if it were a removable media drive, which of course it is not)!
BIOS shows no problems either.
I wish to install Win XP on my second drive so that I can dual boot (I have my reasons!).
I am getting desperate?
Thanks in anticipation for the generous help I know to be out there!

  pj123 14:54 22 May 2004

Did you format each partition on the new hard drive? If not you won't see it in explorer. As a failsafe (so that you do not format the wrong disk), disconnect your main C drive and put the new disk in as master and boot with a bootup floppy and format each partition). When that is finished re-connect your C drive as master and the new drive as slave and reboot. You should now see both partitions in Explorer.

  Severn Bore 15:10 22 May 2004

Hi PJ123
Thanks for the quick reply. Do I format the partitions using FDISK?

  Head shaver 15:24 22 May 2004

Yes you can do.

  pj123 15:25 22 May 2004

No, if you have already partitioned the disk just boot up using the floppy boot disk and (if you followed what I said about making the new drive the master) you should have a black screen with A:\ on it. When you get there just type in format c: and press enter. When that has finished you will be brought back to the A:\ again. This time just type in format d: and press enter. Now when that has finished switch off and put your old existing disk back as the Master and the New disk as slave and reboot.

  pj123 15:30 22 May 2004

If you want a talk through on what to do give me a ring. I have emailed you my telephone number.

  Severn Bore 15:43 22 May 2004

Thanks for further extremely prompt reply and for offer for me to phone you. Can't do this at present as only have one line and am awaiting imprtant message from my daughter! However, I think I inderstand apart from the penultimate sentence of your last. I want to keep Win 98 on my (original) c drive so I would presumable shut down and reboot after formatting the temporararily renamed D (second drive).
If I get stuck I will take up your offer when my daughter's call has cleared.
Am very grateful for the help.

  pj123 16:10 22 May 2004

Correct. But you say you have partitioned your new drive into two. So as a master it will be C: and D:. Once you have formatted both of these and switched off and reinstalled your original disk as master and the new disk as a slave you will have C: (Your original disk) and D: and E: your new drives.

  Severn Bore 21:13 22 May 2004

Hi Peter
Thanks for all your help on this. I followed your instructions very carefully, but was unfortunately not able to resolve the issue. My "format x:" instructions at the A prompt were repeatedly rebuffed despite trying different ways of typing it. However, it gave me the resolve to press on and with a bit of persistence and lateral thinking I managed to get the job done. I now have three fully formatted and recognised partitions over the two drives!
The problem appeared to be rooted in my elderly system BIOS and less than explicit - amongst otherwise excellent - instructions from Maxtor on this particular aspect.
Your time is much appreciated!

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