Full hard drive

  jessej 13:48 18 Apr 2005

Once again, its not mine but my son-in-law's.
His hard drive has two partitions, C at 5gb and D (Store) at 55GB. Problem, C is chocker block full, yesterday not even AOL would start until I dumped some rubbish and managed to get around .10MB of free space. On the other hand, D is almost empty. I've obtained Partition Magic, though I'm still trying to figure out how to use it, to try and help him. One idea was to merge partitions but, according to the manual, if one of the partitions contain the OS then it can't be done. Also as C has the OS on it then it can only go up to about 8GB. Of course, I may have misinterpreted the instructions so if anyone knows better please let me know. One idea, of mine, is to use the 'Move File, etc' in XP Pro to move programmes from C to D. Would that work? Bearing in mind that he has a number of online games that he plays most days. I don't mind messing about and expermenting with my computer but not when its somebody else's so any help/guidance will be very much appreciated.

  rawprawn 13:56 18 Apr 2005

You can either extend C: partition to what size you want say 30GB or remove the partition altogether.

  rawprawn 13:59 18 Apr 2005

I ought to have pointed out that I use Acronis Partition Expert, but I believe Partition Magic is about the same.Perhaps someone who uses it could give you more specific instructionsif you are stuck.

  Yoda Knight 13:59 18 Apr 2005

Partition Magic can resize the drive even if the OS is on it. I would take a gig off D, restart, then add the gig to C

  jessej 14:08 18 Apr 2005

Many thanks rawprawn and yodaknight. I would appreciate it if you could spell it out for me though, as I said, according to the manual I can't do what you advise.

  SANTOS7 14:14 18 Apr 2005

Resize Partitions Wizard

The Resize Partitions wizard helps you resize a partition and lets you specify how the resize will affect other partitions on the same disk. For example, if you have C: and D: partitions and you choose to enlarge C:, the wizard could take space from D: and allocate it to C:.

Copyright © 1994-2002 PowerQuest Corporation. All rights reserved.

this is taken from PM8 help files so why it is telling you you cannot do it is a bit of a mystery..

  jessej 14:28 18 Apr 2005

Thank you SANTOS7. I've just gone back and read it again, it is on page 52 of the User Guide, paragraph 2 where it states >IMPORTANT! Do not merge partitions that contain operating systems, etc<
Having read it again I wonder if I have made a silly mistake and it means if there is a separate OS on each of the partitions. If so, my apologies, put it down to my age.

  SANTOS7 14:30 18 Apr 2005

You do not need to MERGE a RESIZE is the easiest option

  jessej 14:33 18 Apr 2005

OK, thanks again for your advice.

  [email protected] 14:41 18 Apr 2005

If you have the OS CD then install it on the D: drive after that you can transfer all the data from C; to D; .
method 2. If you have XP you could transfer all the data from C; to D then rename d: drive after deleting the partition
In all cases you should save all data to A CD & your files & settings to floppies
3rd method Yes you can use partition magic to change the Hdd setup altering the sizes of the C & D drive to do this 1st you reduce d to what ever size you want to use as backup say 30G
using partition magic resize C; drive to take up the spare you have created. Please allow the program to work be very patient _Partition works but sometimes a lot of data/program can make it hard work & then you will have to format & start again be careful

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