fujitsu/siemans pc

  chippy+ 21:52 24 Mar 2012

hi i have afujitsu/siemans desktop pc with 2 hard drives C D the system xp is installed on D can i take an acronis image of D and place it on C drive also the fan starts up when pc is switched on and then stops it is quite loud how can i stop or silence it thanks Chippy

  rdave13 22:16 24 Mar 2012

The fan noise could be a build up of dust in the PC. The dust would need removing. Puzzled how XP got installed on the D partition/drive?

  robin_x 22:19 24 Mar 2012

I would suggest you do a fair bit of preparation first.

You can possibly change the drive letters and which partition is Active (machine Boots from Active partition). Or clone the 2nd drive to the first or restore an Image of D to C. (including MBR)

The procedure could be risky unless you make a full Acronis Image with all partitions and verify it. Make sure Acronis Recovery Boot CD does actually boot (in case of other problems).

Also make a copy of Partition Wizard Bootable CD, and check that boots.

Can you send a link to your Partitions? Start Run diskmgmt.msc PrtSc to get what you see, paste into your image editor and save on Desktop. Upload to

And do you have a 2nd online computer to get online for posting/Googling while messing with the 1st computer?

  Paddy 02:18 25 Mar 2012

I also have a Fujitsu/Siemens Desktop and had the same problem with the fan coming on at full speed. The answer is to remove the case, remove the heatsink from the processor, clean off the old heat transfer paste, thoroughly clean the heatsink, renew the paste, re-assemble and all will be well, the fan just runs gently and quietly. PM

  chippy+ 00:11 26 Mar 2012

hi thanks all for the suggestions i will apply new paste for the noise as for the 2 sata drives i tried reformatting but i still get D as the system drive the 2 drives have the same make and model/size which dose not help to know which is which thanks Chippy

  robin_x 01:03 26 Mar 2012

Are you sure you have two drives?

Maybe one drive with two partitions?

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