Fujitsu Siemens pc start failure

  Beardie 10:45 29 May 2006

This morning when I powered up my computer it failed to boot. The power is on and the fan starts but nothing happened, after a while the fan appears to "wind down". I tried pressing f8 to allow start up in safe mode but still nothing. Any suggestions please.

  Taff™ 10:46 29 May 2006

Is the monitor working at all? Powered on and plugged in?

  Beardie 10:51 29 May 2006

I have connected it to my other monitor and still no response

  Beardie 11:14 29 May 2006

I have tried starting using the supplied recovery disk, no luck. Keyboard has power but the computer does not boot at all.

  Das Boot 11:38 29 May 2006

Hi I had this problem once it was the power supply packing up.

  Taff™ 11:46 29 May 2006

Nothing on the monitor, No Hard Disk noise - I agree with Das Boot - PSU failure is the most likely. How old is the computer?

  Beardie 11:52 29 May 2006

Taff, unluckily the warranty has just expired: one year and a couple of weeks old.

  Starfox 11:58 29 May 2006

With my 4 year old Fujitsu - Siemans pc last week, it started to keep re-booting itself and eventually would not boot at all.Fitted a new power supply and all is now fine. One thing that did suprise me was the old psu was only 200 watt so I replaced it with a 480 watt from P.C.World.

Looks like you have the same problem but are you sure the warranty is only 12 months, mine was for 2 years manufacturers warranty?

  Taff™ 12:03 29 May 2006

I would definately be speaking to the supplier immediately. A couple of weeks outside Warranty is not the end of the world. Anyone purchasing a new machine would reasonably expect it to give several years service. New monitors generally come with a three year warranty, Hard disk drives at least 2 years etc. Who was the supplier?

  Beardie 12:15 29 May 2006

purchased from Comet

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