Fujitsu Siemens 830019821

  BeeWee 23:05 13 Feb 2003

just made a bid for this base unit - £'s been refurbished (by comet)i saw it on their auction site and it has a 1 year guarantee. does anyone have any knowledge of this system and at what point i should stop bidding?

  grove34 23:18 13 Feb 2003

my mates got 1 of these for sale for about £120 minus the monitor. email me if your interested and i'll pass your details on.

  BeeWee 10:52 14 Feb 2003

thanks for the offer ...i woud like some details about the system ...reliability, reputation of maker etc

  pj123 11:11 14 Feb 2003

I bought a Fujitsu (before Siemens came along) It was a good machine, never let me down. I took the Fujitsu sticker off the front and lo and behold it says Daewoo underneath. the monitor that came with it was a Daewoo. Mind you it has been updated beyond all recognition now. But Fujitsu/Siemens is a well respected company

  BeeWee 14:21 14 Feb 2003

thank you both for the responses...will let you know how i get along

  pj123 15:21 14 Feb 2003

Don't forget you would still need to check out the specification of the one offered for £120 and the one you are bidding for. Let us know both specifications and perhaps we could give more comments.

  BeeWee 17:39 14 Feb 2003

thanks pj123 - i will certainly check out the specs on the 2 machines and will come to you if i need some more help...much appreciated

  BeeWee 17:42 14 Feb 2003

i have also had this spec and quote from a local firm: what do you think?

810LMR Mainboard
AMD Athlon 2.2XP Processor
AMD Approved CPU Cooler
384MB SDRAM (PC133)
60GB UDMA Hard Disk Drive
52x CD-ROM Drive
48x12x40 CD-RW Drive
3D Stereo Audio & Mains Powered Speakers
Integrated AGP Graphics (Up to 64MB)
56K AMR Modem
10/100 RJ45 Network Card
PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard
ATX Tower Case c/w 3.5" Floppy Drive

Base Unit Cost £479 (Including VAT)

  pj123 10:51 15 Feb 2003

For that specification at £479 go for it. thats the best I've seen so far.


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