Fujitsu Seimens Monitor

  Helen66 17:24 08 Nov 2008

Can anyone help me please. I have just paid £30 at PC World for them to fix a problem with my computer. The problem was that when I turned the monitor on it was going straight into sleep mode. This happens both when the comp is not on and when it is. All I get is the first screen Fuijitsu Seimens monitor then nothing. It sort of goes into standby. I have checked osd and it is unlocked. I was able to do that today but that is all. I still have the same problem and don't know what to do with it. The comp was working ok on PC World monitors so I am told. Can anyone help me. I have two children studying at the min and they don't have access to a computer, the one I use is a personnal laptop. I would appreciate any help with my problem. Thanks.


  Zak 19:07 08 Nov 2008

I had a similar problem with a new monitor not receiving a dvi sygnal.

I updated the graphics card driver and monitor sprang into life.

Do you have analogue and DVI? Perhaps it works with the analogue connection?

  Zak 19:10 08 Nov 2008

Perhaps just reinstalling the graphics card driver will help.

Display adaptor listed in Hardware under device manager.

  Helen66 20:26 08 Nov 2008

Thanks for your reply but all that was sorted when the PC went in for it's repair, I have got it home and still have the same problem.
Any other suggestions would be gratefully appreciated thank you.


  brundle 20:41 08 Nov 2008

Not easy to update a driver when you can't actually get into Windows.

"This happens both when the comp is not on and when it is." - not sure what you mean by that...

Can you plug the monitor into your laptop (if it has an external video output) to check if the PC is the problem?

How far does it get from a cold-boot,when the entire system has been off for a while? FS logo, any white text on the screen, do you get as far as the Windows logo? If you get the white text, repeatedly tap F8 and choose VGA mode when the menu appears.

  Zak 11:37 09 Nov 2008

Perhaps take the PC with the monitor back to PC World and have the two tested together. Hopefully they will not charge again.

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