Fujitsu-Seimens Laptop upgrade

  wotan 19:36 26 Mar 2008

Hi, I am looking for some advice on upgrading the memory on a F/S Amilo Pro v2010 laptop. I have worked on desktop systems, replacing memory, hard drives and DVD / CD players and writers but have never tried it with a laptop.
I can get the correct memory from Crucial but what I need is either information on how to access and exchange the memory sticks or a site that can give this info..
I have tried the official F/S site but that only recommends getting the job done by an approved dealer, and I cannot see the point of paying to get some thing done when with a bit of help I should be able to do it myself.
All and any advice would be gratefully accepted.

  Totally-braindead 19:43 26 Mar 2008

Apart from upgrading the memory and perhaps the hard drive theres nothing you can do to a laptop.

I don't know the one you have but if its like the ones I have worked on theres only 2 slots and these are underneath one of the screw off panels and you just remove the panel and install the memory and thats it.

Its really not differcult, if you have a search for a video on the subject you can easily find one.

  woodchip 20:10 26 Mar 2008

There may be a plate on the bottom of computer to get at the memory modul

  mammak 20:59 26 Mar 2008

As Totally- braindead and woodchip have both said,
it is that easy!
I have done it myself on both a HP laptop and Fujitsu-Seimens laptop,Crucial provide a very easy to follow install guide with all their memory modules.

  Ashrich 21:44 26 Mar 2008

Remove the plastic surround around the keyboard , I used a nail file between the surround and keyboard by the f10 key , just prise gently until it pops out , do the same on the opposite side around f3 , that will allow the top part to be removed . Undo the screw at the top of the keyboard and keep it safe as all the screws removed must be replaced in the same holes . Turn the keyboard anticlockwise ( I think ) so it is out of the way but not completely removed . Undo and remove the four screws holding the aluminium heat plate ( 3 long , 1 short ) and lift the plate away . This will uncover the memory slots , the mini pci wireless card , and the heatsink and fan for the processor . Replace memory with whatever you want , and replace all items in reverse order !! .


  wotan 18:04 27 Mar 2008

Jobs a good'un. To everyone who responded, and especially Ashrich, who was bang on the mark with his (or her) advise, many thanks for your time and trouble. Her ladyship now has a smile on her face a mile wide and is spending all the cash I saved doing this myself on e-bay.

  Ashrich 22:04 27 Mar 2008

Last time I looked I was definitely a " his " !!


  wotan 18:24 28 Mar 2008

My sincere apologies to Ashrich for the gender bending. I work in a university where PC has a different meaning, and everything said or written is subjected to intense scrutiny in case we inadvertantly offend anyone,
Once again I apologise and thank you for your assistance and time.

  rex4548 11:25 16 Jun 2008

Thanks from me to Ashrich as well whose instructions I just followed and which were spot on!

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