fujitsu seimens laptop fault help needed

  timerep 13:45 05 Mar 2010

Hi guys just got a fujitsu seimens amilo pro V2055 laptop less than three years old. the display went off and the hard drive light stayed on and the wireless ligth stayed on as well regardless of being on or off and theres no display. Was told the chip needs reballing so removed the chip from the board but theres no legs to reball it sits flat to the board on balls of soulder. Got another board that was said to be working with good cpu set it up and the same promlem exists no display and the light on all the time. Can anyone shed any light on what the heck is going on....

  MAT ALAN 14:08 05 Mar 2010

has the atributes of backlight and/or inverter failure
click here

  timerep 15:41 05 Mar 2010

Hmm see were you are coming from but it has the same effect if you disconnect the screen from the main unit and run an external monitor, any thoughts?

  birdface 15:52 05 Mar 2010

Have you tried using it with another monitor.

  birdface 15:53 05 Mar 2010

Oops sorry you already tried that.

  timerep 15:57 05 Mar 2010

yes tried that but no joy, as I say on the original board if you applied pressure to the graphics chip it would work then kaput.the replacement board just dont work at all, the main symptoms are hard disk light costat on and wireless constant on and no display either on the lcd panel or external? starting to tear hair out on this,any ideas of what it could be?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:16 05 Mar 2010

Disconnect hard drive and dvd and battery unplug from wall.

Hold power switch down for 30 secs (gets rid of static).

connect mains and reboot without HDD DVD and battery, any signs of life with this procedure?

  timerep 18:10 05 Mar 2010

hi, no same thing power light ok but hd light and wireless costant with no display is it terminal? or have I just got a lemon.

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