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  Mike D 22:27 28 Nov 2007

Will someone please tell me how to prevent this ad thing (decision maker?) from trying to download everytime I visit PCA? I have all my ad & pop-up blockers set to block, but still it keeps trying to start to download. I understand the need to advertise, but I don't accept unsolicited downloads.


  VoG II 22:33 28 Nov 2007
  Technotiger 22:34 28 Nov 2007

Hmm, I have not got any ad-blockers running, but I don't get any Fuji ads at all - maybe it is because I use Firefox. I do get other ads, but nothing too

  SANTOS7 22:37 28 Nov 2007

I'm with technotiger, don't get any "ads" trying to download, don't quite see how they do that...

  alB 23:00 28 Nov 2007

I've been wondering about this for over a week, I don't think it's a pop-up as such, more like a script file that wants to download, having said that I haven't a clue what it's for but I too would like to know how to stop it ...alB

click here

  SANTOS7 23:05 28 Nov 2007

never seen it before, how strange it is that some are plagued with these things and some are not, considering how much time i spend on here i should have a van load of em, me security must be better than i thought..

  Technotiger 23:06 28 Nov 2007

Yes, I have seen that one, but only once some weeks ago, certainly not a problem to me. It is not Fuji though, it is from Creative the makers of Soundblaster sound cards I believe.

  Mike D 07:49 29 Nov 2007

Thanks for the link, I shall be studying that with interest.

I decided once to set a restore point and then let it download. I couldn't see any changes that were made, and it still continued to pop up at all sorts of irregular intervals. For example, here I am responding to this thread and ... nothing. Last night 4 times in a row, hence the posting.


  anskyber 07:56 29 Nov 2007

It's a download file OK, I'm just waiting for the Fujitsu ad to stop, it's the only one doing it.

  Batch 11:51 29 Nov 2007

Maybe some people don't get it if they are using Spybot S&D (or some equivalent).

VoG's link for a hosts file may have a similar beneficial effect, but I find the hosts file approach is heavy handed.

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