Fuji Finepix A203: Your 2 cents

  [DELETED] 01:30 28 Jul 2003

Hi guys,
I'm on the verge of a deal for the above Digital Camera (don't know if I can name the shop so I won't.) For £188 I get the camera, 16mb XD card, a 32mb XD card, 4 rechargeable Lithium batteries and a charger, plus delivery. It's for a friend who hasn't got more than £200 and just wants to take party/holiday photos, nothing outrageous. All the reviews are positive, so really I just wondered what you guys thought of the deal and the camera. Should I dive in or have I missed a better camera/deal that could be staring me in the face? Thanks in advance!

  [DELETED] 01:55 28 Jul 2003

Yes, you can name the shop, then someone will see if they can find a better deal. Regards. j.

  [DELETED] 02:04 28 Jul 2003

Internet Cameras Direct...

  [DELETED] 02:12 28 Jul 2003

Good company, well known in the forum. I bought my camera from this company, excellent deal and service. click here the Fuji A203 is £164.00 but I don't think it has the extras included as with Cameras Direct. Regards. j.

  [DELETED] 02:16 28 Jul 2003

Once you get to the link I gave, click on digital cameras, then look in the left-hand pane for cameras, click on that and you will see the Fuji, click on that link and you will see the full range, A203 included. j.

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  [DELETED] 08:35 28 Jul 2003

I bought a Fuji Finepix A204 without all the extras - these added something in the region of an extra £70 + to the cost of the camera.

Methinks yours is a good deal.


  [DELETED] 02:44 31 Jul 2003

i picked one of those out for my mum to buy her husband (a203) he got for £125 that came with just the 16 mb card and software bundle & lead , but that was from e-bay. good camera though puts mine to shame now i want one.

  [DELETED] 21:28 31 Jul 2003

The camera is virtually idiot proof [I've proved this on several occasions].
The extras are all things you would need in the very short term anyway. The price inclusive of these 'extras' seems quite good. I wouldn't hesitate to go for it [having used this model for the last 8 months]

  [DELETED] 21:37 31 Jul 2003

I recently bought this camera, a 128mb XD card, batteries and charger and a case. Total cost came to about £240.

  [DELETED] 22:36 16 Feb 2005

This link has the a203 with an extra 64MB card [it comes with a 16MB card as standard] for £149 + £6.99p&p click here
A NiMH battery charger with batteries will cost about another £20-30.
I have been using an A203 for the last 2 years and a fully charged set of [2000maH] NiMh will last for at least 100 shots [64MB card at highest resolution] so Lithium batteries may be ovekill.

What you should bear in mind is that this is a relatively old camera an a little looking around may come up with something a little newer [and thus more up to date] for a simular sort of price.

If you go ahead with the A203 click here is very competitive with xd card prices [a fraction of those on the high street].

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