fuji camera loading picture probs

  maccster 06:50 26 Jul 2004

for some reason my fuji 602 zoom camera has stopped being recocnized when i turn it on to load my pictures into the computer. toshiba laptop running xp.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:42 26 Jul 2004

Do you mean that when you open Windows Explorer it is no longer there under "my computer"?

Or the transfer wizard does not start up?

From langa.com:

Sometimes, this is very easy to fix: Just open Windows Explorer and navigate to where you can see the drive letter or name of whatever device causes the problem--- CD burner, camera, USB drive, whatever. Right click on the device and select Properties. Select the "AutoPlay" tab, select "Prompt Me Each Time To Choose An Option." That's it!

Well, that's *often* it. But sometimes, especially if some other software has inserted itself into the mix, it takes a bit more to restore control of the autoplay device to Windows. This site lists many possible solutions: click here

  jonnytub 09:39 26 Jul 2004

fuji software seems to get easily displaced by others, i found that whenever that happened to my finepix s7000 i would just uninstall and reinstall, and there she'd be. Maybe not the solution but can save a lot of work in the end, if it is.

  [DELETED] 10:24 26 Jul 2004

Card Readers prevent most camera software probs.

  jonnytub 10:25 26 Jul 2004

agree with you salinger, but you'd think they'd work anyway, not a fan of fuji software, but the cameras a cracker.

  maccster 17:52 26 Jul 2004

it's the start up wizard that isn't working

  [email protected] 19:48 26 Jul 2004

Do you have another camera? My Fuji wouldn't work with my Nikon s/w installed and vice versa. I ditched both image editors/album thingies and just use XP to transfer photo's then open them in my favourite editor. Another this is these camera software disc's often change registry entries resulting in "lost" or "highjacked" drives. You could try AutoFix.exe which sorted my problem. Will send a link in a PS - wait one...

  [email protected] 19:51 26 Jul 2004

Yer 'tis, hope it helps.
click here

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