FTP woes

  Sam F 18:33 12 Dec 2005


I've been trying to update a few .html files on my website, using ws_ftp le. Out of 5 files in the one folder, 2 updated almost immediatly and the others didn't. All 5 appear on the remote server as the correct files and the log file shows this to be the case as well but when I accessed the pages via the internet only the two that updated immediatly appeared as they should the others showed the older versions of the files.
I've been accessing the site on and off for the last 12 hours or so and the other files have appeared as they should sometimes but then "revert back" to the older files at other times ?
I thought I might have a problem with my temporary internet files cache but i've emptied this and I've tried accessing the site from a different computer (same location) but still have the same problem.
I did notice that if I access the site using a different isp/dialup connection things appear o.k. ? But my normal ISP can't find anything wrong at their end.
Not surprisingly the hosting company can't see any problems at their end either.
The set up worked fine before and I haven't made an changes recently.
Any help appreciated as this is driving me crazy !!

  Sam F 20:59 12 Dec 2005

Hi John
I did ask my ISP if this might be the case but they said no. Not sure if it would explain how some of the pages and not others would be cached or updated.
Just noticed there's a message on my web host service status page saying that some people may be experiencing difficulty accessing their web space. Wonder if this might have something to do with things ??

  Sam F 19:49 13 Dec 2005

I asked the web hosting company but they said the whole site is hosted on only one server.

However I've been doing a bit of detective work and think the problem may be due after all,to my normal ISP's cache not updating properly (though my ISP says this can't be the case). The pages did eventually update after about 24 hours but I can make any changes show up in my browser immediatly by letting the pages load then pressing ctrl+refresh. Apparently this by-passes the ISP cache and loads the page straight from my web site.

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