ftp sites/documents

  K*B 16:25 13 Oct 2008

Friends, how do I access an ftp site and retrieve documents? How is its functionality different from that of a www site? Thanks.

  anchor 16:48 13 Oct 2008

I think you would need to know, the ftp site web address, also the user name and password.

Without this information, I believe it is not possible.

  Jim Thing 17:29 13 Oct 2008

anchor is correct. It's not possible to recover a website's source files unless you're in possession of the information needed to upload them in the first place (otherwise anyone could mess with anyone else's website).

If you're simply trying to recover a file from your own website — perhaps to get yourself a fresh start after accidentally losing data while editing the file — your FTP software should allow you to select individual files and transfer them back to your system. I use a freeware program called FTP Commander, which displays all my source files in two parallel columns: one showing the files on my HD, the other showing the files on the my ISP's server. Between the columns are two arrows (one in each direction), and transferring files in either direction is a simple matter of highlighting the file and clicking on the appropriate arrow.

The ability to pull source files back off the server has saved my bacon many times!

Hope this helps a bit.

  Jim Thing 17:52 13 Oct 2008

Just a thought:

If you only want to look at a website's source code, you can display it (in Windows XP at least) by clicking on View, then on Source in the dropdown menu.

I'm not sure how you'd do it with other browsers.

  Jim Thing 18:13 13 Oct 2008

Not Windows XP. I meant Internet Explorer.

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