FTP Server

  Freddog™ 21:36 11 May 2006

Hi, I need to get an FTP Server for my laptop, it's running XP Home not Pro so I can't use Pro's built in one. I have Golden FTP Server, but I am using a Belkin Router, so I can access it from home but not at other places as the IP of the server is when it needs to be 82.x.xxx.xx

Thanks guys!

  splatter 22:26 11 May 2006

set your router to port forward anything on port 21 (default FTP port)to your LOCAL IP address (192.168.2.xx) and that port 21 is open on your firewall. The hike over to a friends house and try 82.x.xxx.xx:21

I say try it from a friends house because sometimes you can't access your local network via the internet if your on the network your trying to access. Annoying huh?

  Freddog™ 17:35 12 May 2006

How do you do that?

  splatter 21:43 12 May 2006

The provess differs from router to router and firewall to firewall, and it should be reasonably well documented in any manuals that camew with the router/firewall. Tell us which router you have and somebosy will help.

For now though go to your routers address which will probably be http:// (without the space). The default username/password will probable be "admin" for both. Thats a start, and you can look through your routers settings and familiarise yourself.

For now though just tell us what router/firewall you have.

  curtis8345 21:45 12 May 2006

what is an ftp server anyway?

  splatter 23:21 12 May 2006

FTP stands for 'File Transfer Protocol' and an FTP server basically serves files to people.

An FTP seerver DOES NOT serve webpages and their associated images. That's for a HTTP server like apache, but FTP is dedicated to file downloads. Anything from updates for the likes of Spybot and adaware, which can be a few MB, through to (I assume) Service packs for windows, which can be 100s of MB!

I should point out though that setting one up should only be attempted by:

1. experienced users
2. the brave
3. people who aren't bothered about having personal details stolen

Even if it is for personal use. It opens a very common 'port' (21 in this case.), and can be a major security issue. Oh and it may also violate the T&C's of your ISP!

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